Asian girls and white guys

I notice that a whole lot of girls of Asian decent are going out with a lot of white guys. I’m wondering if this is only a California thing (being that I see this here in Southern California) or if this is more commonplace.

I see a lot of that in both Chicago, where I live, and Detroit, where I’m from.

Interestingly enough, I once read somewhere that people find these couplings a bit less jarring than other interracial combination. One theory Asians are better able to fit in with white people than other races, or that at least people don’t as readily see them as being “of color.”

Any Asian gals out there want to visit Gatlinburg?


I like all colours. Well, maybe not blue…

I married one. Her parents didn’t like the concept, her mom still doesn’t. They would have preferred that she marry another Asian, preferrably from their country, if not then Chinese.

What I found ironic in this was that they (her parents) relocated to a rural county in Florida, between Orlando and Tampa. Where exactly was she supposed to find a nice Asian boy out there? She only had a chance to date us filthy Americans.

And blue would be cool…

I’d date a blue girl. I was terribly disappointed when they de-purpled the purple girl on Andromeda.

I think part of the reason is many white (and some black) men stationed in post-war Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines brought back ‘war brides’ or military wives - starting as far back as the 1940’s and 1950’s.

This wasn’t accepted at first (Marlon Brando’s “Sayonara” has a melodramatic - but more or less fact based version of the voews on this trend in the 1950’s), but soon the sight of Asian women with white men became familiar enough, and I think that made it more acceptable with the mainstream than say a black/white couple at an earlier time.

voews? I mean’t views

(Got Speel Cheek? :slight_smile: )

My girlfriend is Asian, Korean to be specific. In that past she has only dated white guys, but I don’t consider her a good example because hers family is white (she is adopted). On my part I’ve always been more attracted to Asian girls then white girls. I’m not really sure why I am. shrug I’ve never really experienced any disapproval due to our races, my religion yes, but not our races.

Ferrous? Don’t even get me started on that. Trance was MUCH hotter as the cute purple girl than she is as the scary gold girl. Rommie was MUCH hotter as the somewhat insecure ship’s avatar than she is as the blue-haired Matrix wanna-be. Supposedly they made the changes to attract the male viewers… :rolleyes:

That doesn’t explain why white male/Asian female combos are commonplace, whereas Asian male/white female pairings are uncommon and considered a bit odd.

I’ll say it if no one else will. Asian girls are hot! To myself and most other guys I know anyway.

Do females feel the same way about asian men?


My girlfriend is Vietnamese (half Chinese), before that I had a couple of internet romances in Tokyo and Hong Kong (I met the HK girl), and before that I was married to a Chinese girl. I seem to remember having a white girlfriend back in the 80s or something. I dunno. :slight_smile:

The only thing that pisses me off is guys who think she’s a mail order bride. Or guys who think I’ve chosen a submissive little kitchen slave. Suggest that to my girlfriend (or indeed most of the Asian women I know) and she’d give you a swift kick in the goolies.

I like the idea of blue girls though.

I love asian guys… I really have a thing for them. Their beautiful skin, sexy hair, arousing eyes, whew ! I need a cold shower.

Some asian guys turn me on, some don’t, same with any other “look”. If you averaged it out though, there’d be proportionately more asians than any other ‘type’ I’m sure. I don’t know why, but I’m just more attracted to them. :shrug:

Alas, I married a dutch boy, but his father always told me that “it doesn’t matter where you get your appetite as long as you come home for dinner”. I think he meant that if I ever found Mr Goo looking at women, or magazines, I should just accept it… he was a little taken aback when I said "cool, I get to keep on perving, then " :smiley:

My brother-in-law only dated non-Asian girls growing up for the same reasons that my wife only dated non-Asian guys. He was also apparently fairly popular with the ladies (I’ve met a couple of his old girlfriends).

A friend of mine, who was here in Ohio, but now back in his native California, is semi-AsianAmerican (Hawaiian/Korean/German/Californian) and women were constantly throwing themselves at him. Of course he looked vaguely like Dean Cain, but with more pronounced Asian features and was a star wide receiver at Big 12 school.

I lived in Japan for 7 years and it constantly amazed me that Western guys who may have been considered fairly obnoxious to a Western girl had Japanese girls lining up for them! The opposite is not true. Japanese men seem to be afraid of Western women. When I have asked why is this so, many a serious face has told me it is because they lost the war??? My own feelings are that they believe that all Western guys are hung like donkeys and therefore are embarassed to show a Western girl their little fella. They are also probably intimidated, knowing that a Western girl is not likely to let them walk all over them.
My Western male friends often said of their Japanese girlfriends that they wished they would make more decisions for themselves; I seriously doubt that they really meant this!
Maybe in a world where girls will prostitute themselves for a Gucci bag, a white male is the ultimate accessory?

Mmmmm, filthy Americans…

BTW, it’s quite ego-stroking being an Asian girl and then reading people say that Asian girls are hot. :slight_smile:

My caucasian stepbrother here in Houston married a Vietnamese girl. That aside, it still seems fairly common.

Being a white guy in a city where 99% of people are Asian, I don’t have much choice.

However, the same applies here. Asian girl/white guy is much more common than white girl/Asian guy. In fact, my (unscientific but long-running) survey of the situation suggests something like a 40-to-1 ratio.

Even if you exclude the one night stands and other casual behavior among some white guys and certain poor and non-Chinese portions of the Asian female population and concentrate on marriages, the ratio is still around 20-to-1.

Here, where most Asian guys are culturally very Asian, the explanation is quite simple. Overgeneralization Alert

The traditional-minded guys (those not educated overseas) want an obedient and subserviant wife - and western women are not known for these qualities. They also tend to want a woman less educated than themselves, and many of the western women here are quite well qualified. (This is such a problem in Singapore that the government offers financial incentives for U graduates to marry other U graduates.)

Conversely, Asian women might find western guys superficially more appealing than Asian guys, who are often spoilt by parents and grandparents. (The girls are often more spirited than the guys because they were ignored as children and allowed to find their own way.) I say superficially, because the cultures are very different, and some white guy/Asian girl marriages are disasters because the girl’s family obligations hugely irritate many western guys after a while (EG, you can’t live somewhere convenient because it’s insulting to move too far from the in-laws’ place.)

Nearly all Asian guy/western girl couples I know involve a foreign educated and usually foreign-born Asian.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, I must say Asian women’s looks leave other women in the dust, IMO. But I’ve been here a long time.

Chow Yun-Fat… drool