Amoxicillin question

Mod’s I’m not asking medical advise or I feel I am not asking for it in this thread just some questions

  1. The data sheet says some possible side effects are Nausea, Vomiting, Upset Stomach, or mild diarrhea.

How common are those side effects and how quickly do they take affect. I mean I am supposed to take it every 12 hours so if I take it twice which is 24 hours and I don’t suffer from them can I expect not to suffer from them?

The medicine says to keep refrigerated how long can it be out of the refrigerator without any problems?

I have more questions but I’m seeing my PCP (Primary Care Physician) on Friday and I can ask him the others which would be advise type.

I have been giving this to my children for years for strep and ear infections. They used to get mild diarrhea within the first 24 hours. I think the other side effects are fairly rare.

I don’t know how long it can last unrefrigerated. If we had to leave the house with it we put it on ice.

I have a fairly strong stomach, but the only time that I got an upset stomach from Amoxicillin was after I took a dose and then ate some very greasy food (chicarrones, fwiw.)

Thanks. I guess if I can stand White Castle I should be ok.