Amsterdopers- Where is a good place to stay in A'dam?


I’m heading to A’dam on July 13 to the 15th…Where is a good place to stay? Last time I was there I spent a little too much, so I’m hopeing to get a place for under $40 a night. I’ll be with 2 other people, so maybe an apartment with two rooms would work.

Thanks for the help-

ps, if anyone wants to meet while there…

Check your inbox, Tomcat. :slight_smile:

Cold has probably dropped more info than you thought imaginable in your email, but from a tourist’s perspective, the best resonable place I’ve stayed was the Hotel Prinsenhof, on the corner of the Prinsengracht and Utrechtsestraat, I think. Reasonable prices and yummy breakfast in a renovated canalhouse; pretty quiet-- not on any of the main loud plazas . They have a good web page somewhere, but might be booked up-- you’re booking pretty late for that town. Great bar next door, too.

Have you considered staying in a hostel? The Flying Pig is renowned amongst cash-strapped travelers’ circles, and is even popular with those who might otherwise stay in hotels.

I was there last winter and stayed at the Hotel Continental on the main drag. Up fifteen incredibly steep steps, but the funky atmosphere inside can’t be beat. If I remember correctly, it was something around $40/night.

Have fun!

Well, I’ve only been to amsterdam once…and stayed at the Bulldog with my brother. They were dorm rooms but i didn’t mind. I just wanted somewhere to sleep. I slept a LOT when I was there teeheehee. sniff great 5 days they were. I wanna go back now.

The point…The Bulldog was great. Friendly and all that crap that tourists like.