Amusing City Names

While driving to Denmark today we passed on the map or in person:


**Middelfart ** <i so wanted a bumper sticker from this city



And another one that <i cant remember and the map is in the car, but it was funny.


Bald Knob, AR

On a half-day trip through east central Alabama you can travel through:
Warrior Stand, Creek Stand, Blue’s Old Stand, Aberfoil, Smut Eye and Three Notch. Come back on a different road through Needmore and Perote. :eek:

Not a city, but a province and a river:

Batman is from Turkey. :smiley:

Superman is from Illinois :smiley:

I always try to mention Effingham, Illinois every chance I get.

Want to go for an embarrassing Daily Double? I went to high school there.

Want an even more fun fact? The high school mascot was the Effingham Flaming Hearts. :eek:

Oh yes. We struck fear.

Dildo, Newfoundland

Horsefly, British Columbia

Big Beaver, Saskatchewan

Georgia has a few good ones too:

Meanville, which is right down the road from Joy.

Rockmart, which is not that amusing until you think of what a resident would be called…

Also, it’s not a city, but it sorta fits here: Big Bone lick State Park That’s in Kentucky.

I must’ve picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

Rockmarters? Rockmartites? Rockmartons? Rockies? All of these, none of these?

I just pictured this being funnier in my head.

Apparently Newfoundland is the place to go for interesting place names (according to the Arrogant Worms.

I’m guessing “Rockmartians.”

You’re right. That is much funnier.

I knew the joke was there, but it was buried under the rubble that is my brain dying.

PA has towns called Intercourse, Beaver and Blue Ball.

Also, Slippery Rock is just down the road from me.

Toad Suck, AR.

I’ll bet they’ve got GREAT cuisine there.


I was going to mention Intercourse, PA, but someone else got there before me. (@#*%!)

There is a Truth or Consquences out here. Not exactly a dirty name but I’m glad naming towns after game shows wasn’t a trend that caught on.

I think there’s a Carnal in Kentucky–I once saw a postcard with picture of the local auto repair place, which was the “Carnal Garage.”

Do the schools there teach carnal knowledge?

Maybe they have the Annual Carnal Geography Challenge? :smiley:

Slight nit Chanteuse, it’s “Toad Suck Ferry” (which is somehow even goofier imo). :smiley:

Grew up just down the road from Cut ‘n’ Shoot, TX. Can’t you just picture the frontier settlers?