It’s in Saudi Arabia.

The idea behind is pretty neat: describe every 3m x 3m square on the globe with a unique three-word combination. So eagle.sheep.horn describes a spot in front of Sydney Opera House, for example.

Confusingly, empire.state.building describes a point on a road in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan.

There’s plenty of choice if you want to find a particularly apposite, amusing or just surreal location. Consider found in Brazil, secret.agents.everywhere in Northern Russia. or the embarrassing.parsnip.incident in Bulgaria.

The challenge is find good locations in 100 different countries or states (U.S, Canada or Australia) that describe either some unique feature (fire.breathing.dragon), or reason for going/avoiding there (unsettling.gurgling.sounds).

Oceanic locations are excluded, so access to the secret.government.bunker off the coast of Japan is denied, unfortunately.

I’ll start it off with:

Excellent.internet.access (Norway)

I don’t understand. Norway fits into a 3m square??

No, but there are many 3m square areas in Norway. One of them is, apparently, excellent internet access.

individual.serving.sizes is in Colorado, USA

goats.eating.trash is in Totowa, NJ, USA

One more: is in the outback way north in Western Australia.

The Roman Catholic cathedral in The Pas, Manitoba, at a spot near the front where the priest might reasonably be expected to stand during Mass, is utterly.insincere.nobody . Does that count?

lather.rinse.repeat is in the middle of the South China Sea, west of the Philippines. Plenty of water for use in shampooing your hair, I suppose.

sweat.flows.waterfall is in the middle of the desert in Oman on the Arabian Peninsula.

If you’re looking to strike it rich, can be found in Chipping Norton, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

If you’re celebrating the New Year with tourists and NYC natives, bolts.native.year is in Times Square in New York

Did they actually allocate names for every square on earth, or are they only randomly creating them for locations people ask for, and storing that info in a database?

The webpage states that they allocated names for every square on Earth. Doesn’t seem like much to gain from creating them “on demand”. It’s not that much data by current standards.

mountains.mountain.mountain is in Switzerland

amusing.thrilling.entertainment is in a patch of Brazilian jungle.

sheep.sheep.sheep points to a warehouse in Detroit, MI is a rural location in far southwestern England.

If you need good health care, best.commended.healers is in Stoodleigh, Devon, southwestern England.

There’s a group of D&D players somewhere in northwestern Queensland, Australia: rogue.wizard.warrior.

North of Southampton in England, near the A34, watch out for movie crews - there you’ll find