Amusing mispronunciations

Del Boy : Blimey! he’s had a connery!

There was also one made by the troll in Monstrous Regiment but I can’t remember it.

Lady comes into a bookstore and says “Do you have ‘Less Miserables?’”

“Try the self-help section.”

(true story)

Some of the mispronunciations on the Sopranos are hysterical, but I can’t think of any just now. Perhaps someone will supply some.


Both heard a lot down South.

Something Geore W. says that bugs me to no end! “nucular”

…or George W. :smack:

A remarkable number of people like to “ax” questions. Such violence!

I should “of” known that all along.

I’m pretty sure what you’re actually hearing is “should’ve”, a contraction of “should have”.

The one that always gets a grin outta me is “orientated”.

That’s why of was in quotes, to make it stand out as an error. Give me a little credit, can’t ya’?:wink:

This one cracks me up everytime. My best friend in the world, god bless his heart, insists on saying “vulumptous”. Leave it to him to make a word like “voluptous” sound unsexy, hehe.

what about likeded? I knew plenty of girls that would say “I likeded him” Or “he lookeded good” oh and down south people pronounce “Mrs.” as “misris” or “twiced a month”

I could go on.

Local PA hick thing…

You’uns guys. “You’uns guys going to the party?”

I’ve seen “should of” in a post somewhere lately and “periphrial”.
“Exetera” and “mischevious” really irk me!

Back in high school, my best friend’s younger sister was always cracking us up with her mispronounciations.

There was the time we were having those packets of instant capuccino, and she said, “Well, I’ll have the mockah.”

Or asking for the “laddle,” at dinner.


Yeah, I just hate it when people mispronounce words in their posts. What’s even worse is when they post in a dreary monotone, or a high-pitched nasal whine.

Lloyd Robertson on CTV news here in Canada pronounces the “d” in Wednesday. Everyone I know pronounces it “wensday”, with two syllables, but good ol’ Lloyd always says “weDnesday”, with three.

Have any of you ever heard anyone else say it this way? Is it an acceptable pronunciation?

I don’t know how to do a tilde on this board, but: jalapenos. (Imagine the squiggle.)

Earlier on TV I heard an announcer on a show, more than once, refer to them as “jah-lah-pee-nos.” No “nyos”. Just “nos.”


I guess living in Texas and California spoiled me. My Spanish pronunciation is probably terrible, but at least I know the basic rules even if I can’t apply them well.

Wait – I got that wrong. He didn’t even get the frigging “a” right. He used the wrong “a.”


In my roommate’s opinion, it’s not “super”, it’s “schooper”. And “zoo” becomes “djew”.

Wait, I miss-transcribed the “super” - It’s more like “shoe-pah”