Amy Adams - for real or not?

She’s my favorite actress and I’ll see anything she’s in. Although I had seen her in Catch Me If You Can, I fell for her in Junebug and became convinced that she was the best of her generation in Enchanted. In that, she had a character that went from being a cartoon girl to a flesh and blood woman.

I’m wondering how you could have forgotten Amy Adams?! She’s hot in everything she does.

Still no idea why Jim from The Office dumped her for bland Pam instead

I agree. I could watch The Muppets over and over. I’m surprised nobody mentioned that movie, because I think it’s a good example of a role where she still is incredibly appealing despite obviously not sexing it up. I am a bit biased as a longtime Muppets fan, but I thought she (and that movie) was great.

Post #5. :slight_smile:

Drop Dead Gorgeous anyone?

She is not really all that beautiful, she just looks that way. :wink:

Her part was not all that small. The lead character falls in love with her and they get engaged. She then leads the FBI to him and causes him to get recaptured.

I would guess she has one of the top five largest roles in that film.

Judging from the angle of her pelvis, she’s at least in some seriously high heels.

What? No mention of Talladega Nights?

She sells it well, I guess. Which, some say, is a working definition of Star Quality. (On IMDb, there are entire threads on the “Night at the Museum 2” board devoted to her posterior. Entire threads.)

She wasn’t playing that young a part. Her character was a nurse who brings home her boyfriend (a doctor, they thought, but actually the master deceiver played by Leonardo DiCaprio) to meet her parents, and they even discuss marriage.

She was indeed adorable in Enchanted. I thought I’d hate the movie but it was actually pretty good, and she was far and away the best thing about it.

To paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson “Not just yes, but HELL YES!”

She definitely rocked that pair of jodhpurs. I haven’t seen that movie since it was in the theater, but didn’t it feature an extraordinary amount of cameltoe for a kid’s movie?

She pretty well known around here for time she spent at the Chanhassen dinner theatre before auditioning for Drop Dead Gorgeous that was filmed around Minneapolis and got her big break.
One of my favorite movies with some great performances by Ellen Barkin and Allison Janney.

I love Sunshine Cleaning. Great movie.

She’s an amazingly versatile actress, in that she’s totally convincing in comedies, musicals, and dramas. Not too many others can make that claim nowadays.

I agree she’s pretty/alluring, but I think her plunging necklines were actually kind of a knock against American Hustle — it just seems that for a period piece, you wouldn’t put a character in various outfits like that for basically the entire movie. *MAYBE * someone had one “Jennifer Lopez” dress like that, they certainly didn’t have a whole collection like that in the 1970s.

+1 for the person above that was surprised we got that far without talking about Talladega Nights. She was a cutie in that, and showed some fair comedic chops too.

Pettigrew is the best! She and Frances McDormand play off each other fabulously dont they?

Amy may have had a bit of cosmetic enhancement lately which could explain her more visible appearance. She’s always been cute tho. Not glam but cute.

She played a nursing student who became engaged to the protagonist. She would have been cast to play someone in their late teens/early twenties. A little older than the OP guessed.

As noted in post 31.

Well, there’s Anne Hathaway.

(Hathaway could’ve played Lois Lane, but I can’t see Adams as Catwoman.)