Amy Adams - for real or not?

No mention of what is still the best movie she ever appeared in (except for possibly Her)? Because she’s fantastic in The Master, too.

Well, the question wasn’t whether the movie depicted period fashions realistically, it was why the OP found Adams so much more attractive in American Hustle than in other movies like Her.

In one of the other threads about American Hustle someone made the point that while the average woman in the '70s certainly didn’t dress like the Amy Adams character*, she was a con artist. Not only did her role as a wealthy British socialite call for some high fashion outfits, but if the marks were a little distracted by her cleavage then so much the better.

*I saw the movie with my mother, who was in her 20s at the time the movie was set, and she said she only ever saw outfits like Adams’s in fashion magazines. She said you did see regular guys with man-perms, though.

I’ve only seen American Hustle once back around Christmas, but I remember thinking that they made up her eyes and cleavage very differently to underscore the mood of the scene. When things were looking up for her character, her eyes were bright and perky; in other scenes, here eyes looked very tired, and much older. I think they did the same thing with her chest.

Oh, and she was great as Charlie Wilson’s chief of staff in Charlie Wilson’s War

All that and apparently very down-to-earth. My wife has seen her twice at Target.

In AH, wasn’t Adams’ character “shopping” from the dry cleaner leave-behinds?

I haven’t read all of the replies, so I don’t know if anyone has said this. I remember thinking after the first or second thing I saw her in: She is a Movie Star – not just an actress, but a Movie Star. ( Actually, I might have thought this after seeing her perform at an Oscar ceremony.)

I have been greatly impressed with almost everything she has done, especially her versatility. She is definitely in my top 5 favorite actresses.


Yes, at least some of the time. But she had also been a stripper and worked at a fashion magazine, and later had money coming in from their con, so it seems plausible that she had bought or borrowed trendy, sexy outfits from other places as well.

Oh my! I remember that episode and I must admit to you that it seems to have made a great impression on my subconscious mind.

She truly is a wonderful, wonderful actor/actress.

If I knew her at all IRL, I’m pretty sure that I would say that I love her. What a wonderful, wonderful woman!

Yum! Yum! Kiss, Kiss!

Amy Adams! If ye be listening, Amy, Ye be just one hell of a dish!

I don’t know how to admit this … but I love you from afar and if and when I ever meet you, I’m sure that I would love you from a near! Ye be one of this world’s greatest beauties! This world is a much better place for having you around! Ye be a wonder to behold!!!

You lovely, dainty wonder! What a woman! What a girl! What a lady! Oh my! I’m in love!

That escalated quickly.

Yeah, I feel like I need a shower :eek:

well, how else would she know he loves her?

Well, I feel dumb for not realizing she was in Drop Dead Gorgeous**. That was one of my favorite movies when I was in high school.

What can I say?

I got carried away a little bit. But I could not blame anyone else who got carried away in a similar way. Amy is just that wonderful and just that beautiful. What more can I say about her?

I truly do love her. Even if it is only from afar. It would be much better if it was from anear. But I’m afraid that is just out of my control. I do not want any kind of restraining order in my life. I’m just doing the best that I can.

I surely don’t want to cause Amy any kind of concern for her safety. Honest!

Thank you very much. I sure do appreciate your support.

Another vote for her Enchanted performance. If you have yet to see this movie, get it today. Wonderful, if tongue-in-cheek, look at Disney movies and memes, and as a bonus the movie stars the wickedly talented Adele Nazim.

Now there’s a sig line, if I ever saw one.

And a third. Enchanted is on my short list of best movies of the 2000s. That might seem silly because it’s so lighthearted, but it’s a movie that knows exactly what it is, what it wants to do and does it both earnestly and hilariously. And real care went into the production.

I don’t know about Ms. Adams best movie, but her worst - through no fault of her own - was Leap Year. Dear Og, was that ever a stinker. They made up a bogus Irish tradition, they screwed up Irish geography and the plot was obvious and trite. But Adams looked great!

These celeb-crushes are certainly annoying. I used to get like that ALL the time in my teens and twenties. (Real-life romances never seemed to have much effect on whether or not I was prone to being nutty over some public figure in my youth.)Then I seemed to slowly get over the tendency, as the years passed. Occasionally I would still get Interested (with a capital I) in some performer, but was able to confine the emotional fixation to DVD viewings and a bit of poring over photographs.

In other words, my time was basically my own. I didn’t have to spend even a few waking minutes in mooning. I could get on with things.

But then, two weeks ago, I had a dream about a celeb (not Amy as it happens)… and it’s as if I’m 15 again. Obsessed, fascinated, ardent, and preoccupied.

What the hell??? Is the gubmint experimenting with the water supply? Charlie, what is going on, here??? What price our suffering?!?!?

And they released it in 2010, which, just – were they trying to get it wrong?