Amy Van Dyken paralyzed

Six Olympic gold medals in swimming. Apparently a happy married life after retiring. Now a T11 paraplegic after severing her spinal cord in an ATV crash in Arizona.

Stay strong.

But only stupid, careless people get hurt on ATVs. Says right here in the booster literature.

Witnesses say she hit a curb hard and flew off the ATV. It’s hard to picture how that results in a T11 fracture, and a bit scary because it’s thus hard to see how one guards against it. She had no helmet, but it doesn’t sound like one would have protected her.

One article I saw mentioned that when her husband got to her, he lifted her head in an attempt to have her respond. That seems like a natural response, and I assume that the nature of her injury much lower on her back means that moving her neck would not have worsened her injury, but I shuddered when I read that.

Yikes. Sorry to hear this. Poor lady.