Amy Winehouse is dead

I dunno; I had been watching Olso coverage for hours, and they just did a little blurb on Amy Winehouse being found dead in her house; I don’t think there was any loss of perspective.

That’s not as bad as I thought it would be; glad to hear.

I just stole that and posted it on Facebook. Where should I send the check?

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I was thinking the same thing when John Belushi died. He was a great comedian, or at least I liked his schtick, and he threw it all away.

What is it about age 27?

Goodnight Amy. Thank you for your wonderful talent

We now know who isn’t a big fan of actually reading threads.

She didn’t throw anything away. She made a mistake and let her useless, wanker of a husband introduce her to heroin and it did for her in the end. We all make mistakes, hers was her choice of partner.


I really hoped I would have been able to see her sing live.

So many great songs that will never be sung by such a great voice.

As I said with Kurt Cobain: “Goddamn it, I wasn’t finishing listening yet.”

R.I.P Amy

Yeah, all some other guy’s fault for sure…

Didn’t see another thread. Sorry if I missed it.

Story here.

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Like others, I only saw it listed as “unknown.” But knowing the internets, I can imagine what it said.

Funny, but in this case so true.

After the Norway attacks, only one of my fb friends even mentioned the tragedy. Now my feed is all abuzz with Amy Winehouse boo-hooing.

I gotta get a better bunch of friends.

Indeed. It seemed like the drug abuse was part of her persona. I wish it could have been something else.

What a waste.

I’m not even remotely surprised, but still.

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I think it’s in bad taste for her to throw her goddamn life away when she was so fucking gifted. FUCK I’m pissed.

Are you serious? Her mistake was not her choice of partner, her mistake was sticking needles in her arms and powders up her nose and alcohol down her throat. If she wasn’t interested in those things, the hubby would have been history. She was an addict, and addicts find other addicts to hang out with.

Blaming her addict husband is bullshit.

Yap , sorry you are right, I got this news from another source and jumped straight here.

was a bit shocked.

Any guesses on who many posthumous albums she’ll have? More than Janis, fewer than Tupac (a member of the lesser known 25 club).

I figured she was nearing the end when on the way to her last stint in rehab she was shown coming out of a liquor store with a vodka bottle. This was before her Serbian “concert” so the rehab clearly didn’t take.