An Actual 1920's Style Deathray!

Well, OK, its only a scale model… but still pretty dang cool :slight_smile:

Very cool. It should be resold by the SDMB with a 1920s Style “Death Ray” plaque on it.

I wanna join the He-Man Moon Hater club. (If you don’t understand the reference, let it go. It’s just an old fart reminiscing.)

You are such a rascal:)


Hmmm…where’s the bayonet lug?

Ypu mean it’s actually a Scalar Weapon?!

for twenty minutes?

Well, it’s to scale, anyway.

I like the circularity of them being Kiwi and you being Kiwi and your prior name and all.

I’m going to have to buy one aren’t I?

You’re a rich pilot; you can afford it. :wink:

Oh yeah, that’s right.