An Amazingly Happy Doper

So some of you may recall my posting after being dismissed from school and what I was going through, how upset I was and how frustrated I was. Well it turns out that life is on the upswing. I thought I was going to have to take the Fall off from school and reapply for admission for the Spring.

But this morning I found an email from my advisor saying that he had been misinformed and that I would be allowed to reapply for admission for the Fall. The deadline has already passed but he got the Registrar to give me extra time since it was his fault.

I’m so happy right now. I was looking at working construction to make ends meet in the Fall.

Runs in circles unsure what the hell to do with all this happy energy.

That is great! Congratulations!

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m a bit calmer now, for the first hour after the news I was purely annoyingly giddy. Now I’m only slightly annoyingly giddy.

And this post marks my 1000th post on SDMB too, what a day.