My Declaration of Freedom!

Once again, I’ve decided to take time off of school. This time more permantly than my last 1 year hiatus. I have decided the stress is not worth the benefit at this point in my life. I have a job I like, hobies I can afford to do, and a small business prospect starting with a friend, as well as being close to getting regular gigs at the bars downtown. Basically, life is good. Currently the only thing that is getting me down is school. Only two classes this semester and I still managed to f**k them both up by not getting some important papers done. Well, if I can’t manage to do them, then obviously it’s not that important to me.

I’d like to get a degree at some point, but perhaps now is not the time. I can more than afford all that I need, so money is not an issue. I’ve just moved into a new place with two people I’ve just met but enjoy greatly. I am now banishing the stress from my life by declaring, nay, shouting from every mountain side:

I am leaving school. I am done with the stress it causes me internally and with my family. I will spend time pursuing other interests, and be willing to let go of preconcieved notions of “dropout” and “quitter” so that I can continue to be the happy and productive person I am most of the time.

Thanks everybody, I just needed to say this. I have so many things to be happy about, and so many wonderful friends at home and here on the SDMB, and I refuse to let myself get seriously depressed about something as minor as school, when the rest of my life is something that I would not trade for all the tea in China.

Good luck! It is better to be happy in what you are doing than to hold onto something just because “it is what you are supposed to do.”