An ammoral question:

If you could go back in time and kill Mother Teresa’s mother before she was born, would you?

Nah, that would be bad kharma.

Sounds like a lot of work… what’s in it for me?

What the hell?

Why would you even want to? I mean, if it were Hitler’s mother, you’d have the moral dilemma of killing an innocent person to prevent a terrible one from being born.

But mother Teresa? What the hell?

What did she ever do to you?

Fun? Profit? Both?

Perhaps MC Master of Ceremonies is really Christopher Hitchens, who’s written a bit about the, err, less happy and publicized bits of Mother Theresa’s career.

What’s my motivation?

Wow-travel in time. And this is all I would do, expend my energy and science to go hunt someone down and end their life?

Is what Marley intimated your motivation? Did you read the book or see the tv show about Mother Teresa? There are so many questions, MC, so how about expanding on your OP?

I guess it would depend on what was on TV that night.

How could you not?

If I got really bored I might, just for something to do.

OK, but I want a bronto-burger first, with an extra heaping of Dodo pate.

What??? Why?

If I could do time travel, I’d go back to November 28, 1981 and rescue Natalie Wood from her unfortunate drowning. Hopefully, the lady would prove to be very grateful. :smiley:

All this would do is send me to an alternate universe in which Mother Theresa was never born, and she would be born as normal in this one. You’d never know the difference.

Or you could go back to the U.S.S. Ropper with an anti-TB shot! :slight_smile:

I’m told that Mother Teresa, in person, was a proper stroppy old bat. And some of her charitable enterprises, however well meant, have attracted legitimate criticism.

However, tampering with the fundamental structure of the universe and the reliable operation of the mechanism of causality, just to get rid of her, seems a bit much.

Good idea - I want my atomic-powered spacecraft. :smiley:
Back to the OP, yes, but that is because I am evil.

I’d simply blow up the people who killed The porcelain Kid So we could get some Bill Clinton/Lobster boy scandal goodness from stupid newspapers everywhere.

Exactly, bad kharma. I’m sure MT had her legitimate mission, however dubious the results may seem to be people with different missions. She was one dodgy gash, though, no doubt.

If I could travel through time I’d go back to the 1920s and see what all the fuss is about.