An anti-Mod rant! or I hate Mods!

Ok, hate is a little strong. How ‘bout, “I’m annoyed by Mods” ?

Who did they think they were, with their obsession with colorful fashions and stylish clothes?

In the sixties, a rivalry existed between two disparate groups: the Mods and the Rockers. Mods were very fashion conscious and instrumental in bringing a new, updated fashion sense to the table, especially with regards to men’s cloths. They were led by the fashion gurus of Carnaby street. The Rockers on the other hand,stood by the tried and true “teddy-boy” (I have no idea why “teddy boy”) look which involved tee-shirts, jeans, leathers and studs.

However, despite my fondness for the look of female Mods, I find the overall Mod obsession with clothing and fashion to be annoying (and their overall attitude more than a little pretentious). However, the Rockers seem in retrospect to have been dinosaurs, clinging desperately to an era (late '50s) that had long since vanished.

I think my basic philosophy (beyond “A pox on both their houses”) can be summed up in the words of John Lennon. When asked if he was a mod or a rocker, he replied “I’m a mocker.”

What? You thought I’d be ranting about the people who moderate the forums on the SDMB? Why in the world would I do that? They do a hell of a good job.


Me, it’s those white vinyl boots they wear while they’re locking innocent threads that chaps my willie. Hey, “mods”, the Sixties are over! “Peace and love”, “peace and love”, my ass–you keep right on locking threads and deleting posts like the Flower Power Fascists you are. At least be honest about it. You’re just as tight with the Power Structure as you ever were, don’t gimme that “Up the Establishment” hippie shit.

“Summer of Love”. Feh.

And lose the boots. They suck.

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I’m still waiting to see 'em in their hot pants and day-glo flowered halter tops. :wink:

Yeah, kick 'em over on their ridiculous over-customized Vespa scooters … keep 'em from getting to their keyboards to screw with us.

(If you still need to scroll down to read this, why don’t you just f-f-f-fade away)

Another victim of the ‘bait and switch’, well done Fenris.
For what it’s worth, the Rockers have the right idea :slight_smile: