An Anti-Pit: WhyNot is Awesome

I was reading the pit and came across another brilliant post by WhyNot (this one). I learn a lot here, and there are other posters of whom I’m a fan, but nobody else has such a consistently good balance of specific knowledge, humanity, and common sense. So thanks.

That was awesome.

I’m on board with this antiPitting! There will never be another first born, second born or unborn for me, but the next goldfish shall be Why.

Fabulous post.

It’s kind of strange to say this, but her posts read like something my mother would say (if my mother weren’t a steaming bag of nut). **Whynot **for board mother!

Another one for the WhyNot fan club. She’s been one of my Hopeless Doper Crushes[sup]TM[/sup] for ages.

WhyNot for SDMB President!

Sure, she could be our president and/our our mother. Why not?


I loved that post when I came across it. A thoughtful, well-written SMACK DOWN.

That is a great post and she is a great lady!

Agreed, WhyNot is awesome. :smiley:

that didn’t read to me as a smack down to kanicbird

But I think the point trying to be made in that snippet (not that I read the thread) is that some women or their impregnator may not think/believe/feel that their fetus is even human or worth anything but to be gotten rid asap.

that said I would agree with the practice of honoring your aborted fetus someway…:dubious: geez that’s a tough one :frowning:

Yes! She is definitely worthy of anti-Pitting. Everything she writes just drives me sane!

I totally agree - I am SO glad she’s back. I love my mom, but she’s like another mom. A cooler one. Who has more sex. (Because my mom only had sex once.)

I had to read that post twice to absorb all its awesomeness. Thanks Dr. Drake for bringing it to my attention. And props to WhyNot.

Totally agree with this anti-pitting!

I knew which post you were referring to before I even clicked the link - that WAS an awesome post!

WhyNot is just wonderful, and that was a great example.

The first time I read that post, it made my crush on her get even stronger.

And this coming from a straight female

:o (<-----embarrassed, not blowjob) Aw, shucks, you guys. I don’t know what to say. I feel all warm and fuzzied…thanks…

It was a little gentle smackdown, but on kanicbird’s terms. I, honestly, share a great much of kanicbird’s “kooky” spiritualist philosophy. I don’t speak about it in exactly the same language, but I grok what s/he’s talking about. So, that answer was accepting his/her terms. Given a similar spiritualist outlook, I arrive at a very different conclusion of what is right. That’s inherently a little smackdowny.

Um… after reading that post I kind of think she doesn’t want to BE a mother. Are you trying to force her? Control freak!

:smiley: I kid! Control freak seems to be something thrown about carelessly you see and so um… well… I laughed.


Bravo, WhyNot.

I don’t think being “board mother” means that WhyNot has to be the literal mother of us all. If it did, she’d be in for a long series of very difficult pregnancies – and I for one don’t want to go back to the womb after more than 60 years outside it.