An anti-pitting of Unregistered Bull

When I saw that Unregistered Bull had posted in this thread, I was expecting the worst, based on his prior posting history in pet-related threads. I was happy to see that he posted a reasonable response.

That response even gave me an idea for playing with the Neville kitties- last night I dug out the laser pointer and they chased it, and much fun was had by all.

My cats love the laser pointer (except for the fatboy Mr. Spock, who is terrified of it). I can get Cricket six feet up the wall with it!

Ha! I had the same thought as the OP. I believe my exact wording in my head was, “Oh, geeze. Here we go. This oughta be good!” But, no, I was pleasantly surprised.

applauds Unregistered Bull’s effort

My dog already chases the hose and snowballs outside, I don’t think we’d have trouble getting her to follow a laser pointer… :smiley: