An Apology for ChiefScott

I suppose this could also apply to anyone else who has been the victim or witness of my problem.

I’m an obsessive-compulsive arguer. I just can’t help it. If you contradict something I say, I WILL argue with you about it. No matter how wrong I was, or am, (though I’m not saying I’m wrong, I’m just hypothetically speaking) I will continue arguing until I’ve won or you’ve quit. Which makes for quite a predicament in arguments that can’t be won by either side.

If I give up in an argument someone, it eats at me for days. I have one-sided arguments in my head, imagining what I should have said to him. So, even if I am proven conclusively wrong (which I’m not), I will continue to argue the point, even changing my position if I must.

Now, usually I try to restrict this to the pit. But when someone contradicts something I say, it’s like holding bait or some shiny object in front of my eyes. I just can’t resist!

In short, I apologize to ChiefScott and everyone else for dragging out that argument with him in the tubagirl thread.

I’m not going to admit I’m wrong. But I can apologize.

In conclusion, if you don’t want to argue with me, just say “I don’t want to argue with you”. And I’ll stop.
Perhaps we should have a new acronym here DNFTF=Do Not Feed The Freak

That said, I don’t think UncleBeer has any idea what he’s getting into… heheheheheheheh…

I for one want to thank you for the arguing that took place in my thread. I agree it went to far, but was Chief justified in his opinions and critism. I hope he doesn’t think so. I also hope that the thread doesn’t have him shouting in his head SLUT SLUT SLUT SLUT every time he sees me post…:frowning:

FreakFreely said:

I’m afraid you’re incorrect about that.


You people are not helping! And how can you say I’m… I’m… Aw crap I’m doing it again! Look what you made me do!

FreakFreely said:

Yes we are.

No you’re not.

Like hell we did.

By the way…you misspelled “gaaaarrrrgghh.”

That’s just plain cruel, MysterEcks (LOL)
Freak, I hereby unreservedly agree with you on one topic, to be selected by myself at an undesignated future date. I obsess, too. It’s OK; just weasel your argument down to one obscure case, or blow it up to an unmanageable generalization. I understand.

Freaky, if you know that you’re going to be arguing obsessively over something, why don’t you just post “Look, I’m just arguing for the sake of arguing” whenever you find yourself doing that? You’ll save your self respect, and you won’t have other posters hating you (as evidenced in the page over in the Pit… which I almost posted to, but decided not to).

It’s always refreshing when a young man realizes he can’t run with the big dogs.

I don’t begrudge you your opinion, you just need to be able to defend it better. Especially when it’s so easy to go back to a previous post of yours, cut and paste, and prove you’re talkin’ out yer ass.

Best of luck.

ChiefScott: I’m not saying I can’t run with the big dogs. Quite the opposite. I’m saying I might run farther than you ever wanted to go. And that if you want to stop, you should say so.

And I’m not talking out of my ass. I’m right. So there.

[Costanza] Oh yeah? Well the Jerk Store called and they’re running out of you![/Costanza]

I have closed the thread this one references and I’m closing this one too in an attempt to limit the collateral damage.