An apology for Guinastasia

About a week ago, in the BBQ pit, I insulted Guinastasia about her job and livelihood. This went way beyond the normal flaming that goes on in the Pit, and I deeply regret it. I was wrong to get so personal.

Even though I disagree with many of her views, she does seem like a kind, intelligent person. Heck, if I were to meet her in person, I’d probably think she was a great lady.

So I’d just like to offer my apology, and I hope she accepts it.

How big of you (no sarcasm).

Well done.

Thank you. I really do appreciate it, and I do accept it.
I think we’d all probably find things are very different if we met in public.


Spider, you have some ideas that go against the grain for most people here, and some opinions that appear to be based on the lack of adequate information. But I’ve never seen you intentionally troll – say something contrarian that is not your opinion in order to raise people’s hackles – and I really want to compliment you on having the guts to post a public apology to Guin. It takes a good man to do that.