An Apology to Jonathan Chance

Over a year ago, I got a warning from Jonathan Chance. I protested this warning twice, believing it to be an uneven application of a standard – that is, I believed my words were judged more exactingly than others’ words had been in previous interactions.

Over the past year, however, I have gradually come to realize that I was wrong. The issue was not that my words were judged more exactingly, but rather that Jonathan Chance was applying a more exacting standard across the board. So to speak.

I was wrong in my earlier protest, and in any suggestion that any less even-handed motive was in play.

I apologize.

Smartly done.

Bonus points will be awarded for an even more eloquent apology for the next accusation of bias.

I did not, and have not, changed my more general view that bias persists here. I have come to believe that the particular instance I mention was not the result of bias.

Look, if I am convinced I’m wrong, I apologize. Your comment seems to suggest this is a poor trait. I don’t agree.


Wait. Bricker got a warning?


Post here.

Warning here.

I noticed he called you in the past tense. “Bricked,” not “Bricker.” I can’t help but wonder if he knows something…

^heh. Autocorrect doesn’t like Bricker. (That’s why my other post was edited)

“How utterly deceptive” does seem like mod note territory at first blush. :slight_smile:

The comment suggests observation of a pattern:

  1. make inaccurate, provocative accusation
  2. get slammed for it
  3. enjoy ruckus one has created
  4. eventually apologize, basking in misguided adulation for having done so

No big deal, but eyeroll-worthy.

[li]Reflect on past behavior.[/li][li]Live life, continuing to grow and mature[/li][li]View past events in different light [/li][li]Profit (spiritually)[/li][li]Share with others [/li][/ul]

Let’s not let this get into personalities. It’s not the place.

As for the apology? Thanks, I guess? It’s not necessary, IMHO, but thanks. It’s certainly a change of pace.

And a link to the discussion?

It certainly is.

Both of the links above contain a link to the original thread in the upper right corner.

Yes, it certainly is.

I think he’s asking for a link to the two protests Bricker mentioned in the OP, presumably thread(s) in ATMB, not the original thread where the warning occurred.

I was hoping for the same thing to better understand what Bricker’s reasoning was, but not interested enough to search it out on my own.

Maybe apologies to other users should be handled using the PM system.

Ah, that may be. Well it’s a slow day at work so I have time to do a search and it looks like Bricker did not start any threads about it, so perhaps he made his protests via PM.