An apology to Maeglin, Abe, andros, and Guanolad

Here is the thread containing the behavior for which I am apologizing. About half way down, Primaflora posts a challenge to name an author who published before Tolkein who created and maintained a world of comparable complexity. Aside from my serious arguments, I posted lists of authors in an attempt to have some fun, irritating many of the people I was debating with. Below is the content of the apology I posted in the thread itself, but I wanted to make this a public apology for all to see.

Upon further reflection, I realize I was over the line.

I hijacked Primaflora’s sincere attempt at debate for my own amusement. I later implied that Primaflora was playing games. For that I apologize to Primaflora.

I ignored reasonable attempts to address my suggested authors, and attempted no response. For that I apologize to Maeglin, andros and Abe.

I continued to post additions to my list without the belief that they were actually relevant. For that I apologize to all involved.

I posted an explanation in which I admitted to what I was doing, but tried to justify behavoir that was unjustified. I then continued the same behavior in that same post. For that I apologize to all involved.

I said some harsh things about Guanolad in some of my serious arguments. Though I disagree with your opinion of Tolkein, I believe you have every right to hold and express that opinion. I apologize for the unwarranted criticism.

Hey, classy thing to do, Mr. Six. I applaud you.

Where’s my apology? Huh? HUH? :mad:

:wink: Kidding! I figured since you were giving them out… :smiley:

Classy thing to do, there, Six.


I once taunted Esprix in a Star Trek thread saying “Maybe, but at least I’ve kissed a girl.” For that I apologize to Esprix.:slight_smile:

I once dog-eared a library book page instead of using a bookmark.

For that, I apologize to all the life forms in the galaxy.

It’s my thread, don’t I get an apology?

Scylla, I apologize for . . . um . . . [think, think] . . . not including you in my original apology? No that’s weak. Hijacking the thread? No, that wasn’t me. Hmmm . . . I must have done something offensive that I can apologize for. Sorry, man, can’t think of anything. I’ll give it some thought and come back.

Hey! If Scylla gets an apology, I want one too!


I didn’t even notice you saying anything insulting about me, but I humbly accept your apology anyways.

Everyone was going nutty at me in that thread, it was a weird experience.

I’d like to apologize to the board for my overuse lately of the “gouging out someones eyes with a melonballer image”. While it is my favorite form of punishment currently, I can see that I need to expand my horizons. I shall move to a different kitchen implent for my torture devices. Perhaps the cake tester?


Used garlic press?

Gotta get all of those nice stingy juices into the optic nerve.

Nutmeg grater?

As I mentioned in the thread in question, your apology is quite accepted.

Potato peeler!

FWIW, I don’t think you’re a troll. I think you sound like a normal person.


I would like to apologize for posting in this thread without having anything specific to apologize for.

DDG: Do you have any support for that position? You’re only saying that because I agreed with you and spent several lengthy posts defending a postion we both shared.:slight_smile: FWIW, yours was the position I most respected of all those in the thread, and that’s not just because it’s almost exactly the same as mine. As I said in my above OP, I don’t think my playing games with Primaflora’s challenge was appropriate, which is why I apologized for it, but neither do I think it was trolling. I should have followed your example and left after I’d said my piece.

andros: Thanks. It’s a shame that I let my little game distract everyone from the real topic, which was . . . hmmm. I don’t think we really pinned down what it was that we were arguing about. Tolkein’s skill as a writer? The nature of genius? What constitutes ignorance? How art should be judged? All of those were in there somewhere. One IMHO and three great debates in a single Pit thread.

Guanolad: Though I disagree with what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it. It did get a little strange in there near the end. I commend you for hanging in for so long when the [checks the forum] shit hit the fan.

Zette: Ice tongs.

Fenris: [sub][looking at shoes, shuffling back and forth] Sorry.[/sub]

I would like to apologize for the blatant theft and repetition of Czarcasm’s message.

Thanks, Number Six. Most gracious of you.

Maybe a GD on the nature of genius is called for now.

“Tonight, on A Very Special Straight Dope Christmas, Unca Cece teaches Number Six the importance of apologies.”

Seriously, Six, I admire the class and grace you’re showing here. Well done.