An Apology To Spiritus Mundi

In a GD thread, I accused Spiritus Mundi of being an outright liar. Challenged on this, I opened a Pit thread which outlined the reasons that I had for believing this. These reasons were examined by numerous posters, and found to be lacking by unanimous consensus. Even posters for whom I have great respect agreed that the charges were completely without merit. I therefore retract and apologize for my accusations.

In my limited time here, I have found that it is all too easy for posters to make fools of themselves by posting in the pit, and I’ve seen it done, too often. Much rarer is when a pit post enobles, and lifts up the poster to a higher standard. You’ve done that for yourself with that apology. Sir, I salute you.


Oh, and link

Class act, Izz. You, too, Spiritus. You will now be reissued your brass knuckles.

Ditto on the class act. I applaud you.

Well, I think it is fair to say that Spiritus will remember Izzy NEXT time:)

Ain’t that the truth! :slight_smile:

::applauds Izzy::


<------ Applauding, throwing handfuls of rose petals. you two, go share a nice cold Lowenbrau :smiley:

Nicely done !!!


Allow me to add my congrats to Izzy. Consider yourself nominated for a “Virtual Promotion”. :wink:

<…taking notes…>

So that’s the right way to give an apology! Neat, quick, left no room to quibble, elicited a one word acceptance… Damn, I wish I could do it that well. (It probably makes a big difference to whom the apology is directed, but Well Done IzzyR, just the same.)