An appeal for Doper assistances [update: Kaylasmom has passed]

If you’ve been following my MPSIMS thread about kaylasmom’s dementia, you may have encountered this post, detailing the meeting leading up to Kayla’s need to travel soon. Post 109 describes the beginning of this crisis point.

Short version, kaylasmom is going to die soon, and Kayla is flying out to California from NYC for a chance to see her one last time. She got a RT flight on a bereavement fare of $616 to come out Tuesday. While she had the money in her account to cover that, it is going to place her in a serious pinch when she returns to school the following Sunday.

I have asked for and received permission to reach out to the Doper community for assistance, so there’s not so much disruption in her finances. She has no PayPal account, but she is set up to send and receive money transfers through both Venmo and Zelle.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Mod note: link to Gofundme appears in post 12.

I can help with a little cash. I’m not sure how to.
More info please on how to hook up with those places.

So, sorry your family is going through this.

You might set up a Gofundme.

I’ll add, if I may, that Venmo and Zelle are apps that you use from your phone. If you want to help out, go to your app store and look for these. I personally find Venmo easier to use, but either way. Once you’ve got it set up, PM **kaylasdad99 **for the Zelle or Venmo information you’ll need to complete the donation.
**kaylasdad99 - **a Gofundme is a good idea. For one thing, it will show how the funds raised are doing against the target. It might help reach your goal a little faster.

I agree. Not needing another app.

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Yep. I’d be happy to chip in, but haven’t figured out those cash transfer apps. I can even send my own kids money that way.

Many banks do Zelle right from their own website or banking app. It’s pretty easy to use and much more private than Venmo.

I don’t have Zelle as a separate app. It’s just the name of whatever program banks use for transferring money.

There’s also the PayPal option, too.

Trying to set up a gofundme campaign. Never done this before, so please bear with me.

Kayla will be setting up a gofundme campaign in the next three hours or so. Anyone who wants to use Zelle can PM me for her details.

Kayla set up a GoFundMe campaign. It’s got a considerably higher goal than the $616 for her airfare, but that’s because she wanted to make it also cover the cost of a modest memorial service.

Anyway, feel free to check on its progress if you decide to contribute, and don’t feel pressured to push it higher than the airfare I quoted. We’ve already decided to donate her body for research, so that shouldn’t be a cost to us, and while I’m not sure how or when we’ll be going about setting up a service, I’m very that that’s NOT what the mods approved me to ask for.

That is, “very CONSCIOUS” of the fact.

Thank you for making it easy for us to donate. You’ve always been one of the good guys, of course you have my support!

Done and bumped

Glad to help out. You’ve got some dark days ahead. But eventually it will be okay. Not right away, but eventually. Really. {{{Hugs}}}

You might consider asking the mods to edit your first post to include the Gofundme information–as otherwise there might be readers who come across the thread; read the first post; read “She has no PayPal account, but she is set up to send and receive money transfers through both Venmo and Zelle”; and decide that is too much hassle and quit reading the thread at that point.

I will take care of that.

Generally we would want to see the Gofundme page before giving permission to post but I understand the situation. I’m confident no one would have objected to the request after looking at the page. We will let you know if there is an issue but I don’t expect it.

How are things going, kaylasdad99? Let us know how you are. :slight_smile: