An appeal to the 19th SDMB corps

Four score and sometime ago your American forefathers made a stand against tyranny and oppression. Integral to their cause was a simple ideal: freedom.

Freedom to make their own choices. Freedom to rule themselves. Freedom to pursue ideas different to that of others. The freedom to speak out against what you believe is wrong even if it goes against the government or current laws. And the right to do so without persecution.

Those of you who stand before me today should hang your heads in shame. Whatever happened to respect for others’ opinions? To other people’s right to express themselves however they want?

Even if it is through bubblegum music, these people have the right –under the foundations of the great US country – to write, perform and express themselves however they want. And make a sh*tload of money while they do so. That’s what makes America great. And every person who stands against these freedoms is a traitor to the US flag.

For if you continue this action then you put yourselves alongside those in history who have persecuted others for their differences. What next – Aryan only music? Or just the destruction of those who disagree? Well, we know that’s alright don’t we?
Throw down your weapons. Or take them up against those who would impose censorship on a system based on freedom. For make no mistake, continue with this act of aggression and it’s not the protestors you hurt. It’s not even the teens in your sights. It’s the US flag. It’s freedom. It’s justice.

Are you ready to destroy that?

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just buy earplugs?

/anthem (hah – didn’t even notice I’d put it on did you?)

You can take away the music, but you canna tak awae oor FREEDOM!!!

Besides the morals of it all, you stand to get a mega-ass kicking by the Rebellion! Soldiers (if I can call you loosers that) of the 19th, it is not too late to join us. Throw down your weapons and go to the nearest rebel you see. Tell them you wish to join. After a few weeks of de-programming at my secret camp, you will be ready to go.
For those of you who continue fighting for the 19th, may the IPU have mercy on your souls. You stand no chance against us!!
Join us, or DIE.
Viva la resistance

finishes the barraicade in front of the 19th

a slow humming becomes a song…

Do you hear the teens all sing?
Singing songs that make angry men
But it’s the music that reminds us:
We’ll not be slaves again

For the freedom of your souls
And the rights of your great land
Join us here for volleyball in the sand
(naked volleyball that is)
**Viva la resistance **

You don’t appeal to the 19th SDMD Corps.
Or anybody else! As Theatre Commander, I order you to depart the combat zone at once; or I’ll dose Rush Limbaugh with Spanish Fly, & lock you all in a phone booth with the lusty, bloated bastard!

Ummm… I don’t have any American forefathers. I can prove it. I did my family tree. We were, however, awfully fond of the Queen and integral to our cause was the toque.

dpr - Freedom is good. Another stupid pop song about love is not. If they actually wrote their own songs, I might side with you. But even that’s debatable…see Britney’s attempt at songwriting, “Dear Diary.” shudder

Hey lola, we are happy to take help from our friends to the north (or anywhere else in the world.) The Cool Underground People’s Resistance welcomes everyone. You can even wear your toque or your bunnyhug if you like.

dpr is just tugging on the biggest set of heartstrings there. Click on his profile button to see where HE is hanging out now.

How can I possibly refuse an offer to join something called Cool Underground People’s Resistance???

Hey, does this mean I actually have to be underground? Or can I just pretend?

lola - we’re a little short on members of the female gender, so I’m sure you will understand if I say that I really hope you decide to stay out in the open.

I will add you to the roster over in the giant thread.

(Wow, we hijacked that thing so far we had to start an extra thread. Boy is Tripler going to be surprised when he sees things on Monday.)

Quad: I didn’t say I liked the music. i didn’t say I listened to it. And heaven knows I didn’t express a liking for it. But tyranny and unjust persecution needs to be fought wherever it rears its ugly head.

For truth, justice and a worldwide dream…

The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously