An EBSe Update. Or "What Made Me Laugh Today"

I came home today to another certified letter. It was from the new court appointed attorney working on my parents estate. Evidently he is taking out an Order of Protection out against EBSe for aggressive and persistent harassment as documented by him and his staff. :smack:

Q: When the Court Appointed Executor of an estate has to file an Order of Protection against you for Harassment, is it Official that You REALLY ARE an Out Of Control Raging Bitch?
(…way to go, Sis! <golf-clap> )

Who or what is EBSe?

Ditto. Searching here, and Googling, did not help.

Guessing from context; Evil Bitch Sister -with a typo, beacuse that’s how they make you type.

You’re right. The lower case e was suggested by another poster so it was easier for readers to keep the straight: EBS East & EBS West.

West has been strangely silent, but East? Well, at least now I know have some independent verification of the “EB” part.

Dude, this isn’t your blog.

If you’re going to run “updates” to ongoing stories, you might at least provide some links so that those of us who haven’t been hanging on every detail of your fascinating adventures know what the fuck you’re talking about.

Good point. OK, here are some of the threads in the past… but I know I’ve missed quite a few:

Some info:

Later financial forensics proved it was $40k. One of my older threads said $20k.

Ugliness and threats of lawsuits started flying before my last parent was cold. The Cha-Ching! stripping of antiques and other valuables from my Mom’s house was well under way before my father had even had a funeral service.

Yes, I swapped my brother’s gender early on in my first link as I really was pissed but didn’t want to shame the family name any more than they already had. Looking back, I was very unfair to him.

Who I thought was a ‘good sister’ was actually playing me like a pawn to get herself more money (and have the docs of her private mortgaged “disappear” from the estate). My brother did get things from Mom, but he was her day-to-day assistant for 2-3 years
before she passed and it turns out she really did say they were gifts.

While the executor was slower than expected & didn’t have the full follow up on somethings that could have avoided some tax penalties, I know him and I know there was no malfeasance. I was originally pissed at him until I realized the Grimer Wormtongue-job my sisters were pulling on me to loot the estate even further. I explained what was being fed to me behind the scenes and he shared what they’d been doing to him behind the scenes. I apologized to him for not supporting him more from the start & he accepted my apology. He’s a great guy who I think tried his best at something very complicated that he didn’t have a lot of experience at. He tried his best while dodging designer piranha/shark snark daily. I admire him for putting up with the nightly drunken rage-calls as long as he did.

After having to defend himself in court, he removed himself as executor under the condition that neither one of my sisters be appointed & the court appointed an independent executor.

FTR- Its ill-advised to treat a court appointed Anyone like Charmin.