An effort to bring SURGE soda back [Coke product] on 8/1/12

On AUGUST 1, 2012 we will work together by calling the Coca-Cola Company Consumer Affairs Hotline and Minute Maid Hotline (they also take product requests for Coca-Cola) and request SURGE in our areas. Not only are we going to do this, but we will have our friends and family call in as well.

I’m not sure where I am on the Spam aspect of this ;

1.I’m not selling anything
2.It’s by definition not for sale right now anyway
3.It’s mundane…ish.
4.I must share it.

And I’m guessing ((hoping)) that posting here instead of Cafe Society / Elsewhere will blunt the penalty for doing this, if there is one.

No we won’t.

Coke has hired dozens of customer service reps to sit by the phones, day after day, waiting for a weirdly high number of calls. So your call will definitely not just be put on interminable hold as their regular custrep staff deals with all the surge calls.

Either that, or about ten people will actually do this.

You strike me as the type that would re-invent the wheel even if you had a lifetime supply of them.

I was thinking the copypaste of it was obvious.

I’m not sure of any other way to let coke know something.

And I had a conversation with someone that told me they worked at coke. He cited Tab*, and that they are not against bringing back a drink that is a similar vocal minority.

*Tab is still sold in 12 packs in Atlanta.

You’re veering toward the spam/call to action side of things by copying and pasting the text of this campaign here. However, you do make it clear that this is something you personally want to do, so I don’t really see any reason to disallow it. But do try to be more expository in your threads rather than coming off as shilling for Coke. Something like — Here’s an opportunity for Surge lovers to express their opinion to Coke.

In any event, it is food(ish) related so I’m moving the thread to Cafe Society, where the merits/faults of Surge could also be discussed.

Carbonatedly yours,

Week-ass Mountain Dew rip-off.

I kind of like Surge, and drank it when it was available.
But then, I like Jolt Cola, so don’t mind me.
I’ll just be over here in the corner… vibrating.

I think a more effective approach would be to call in every week and tell them you still want Surge. It’s discontinued so if you want it to come back, you probably should demonstrate a persistent market for it, maybe by buying vault as much as possible. I don’t think setting aside one day to make a phone call is going to convince them to do anything.

I liked Vault better.

Everyone calling on one day will mean the phone lines are jammed, and it’ll be a clearly-orchestrated campaign. For all Coke knows, it could be something arranged by a single fraternity with chapters across the country as some sort of weird prank thing, or by a single messageboard, or something similar. Returning the product to diverse markets will be an investment of many thousands, or more likely millions, of dollars; the idea that they’d make such an investment based on a few hundred (at best) phone calls on a single day is peculiar.

What would work better? A letter-writing campaign, or an email campaign, or rallies, or something like that. But consider: Coke dropped Surge for a reason, and the reason was almost certainly that it wasn’t profitable for them. I profoundly doubt that they’ll change their minds based on anything short of market research demonstrating that its return would be profitable. A fan campaign is far short of that standard.

Blasphemy! Kill! Persecute the unbeliever!

Holding out for Splode.

Actually, I just had a great idea. Instead of calling Coke tomorrow, how about everyone go to Chik Fil-A and order a Surge? If they don’t have it, demand an explanation. Word will get back to Coke for sure!

Whatever happened to mello yello?

IU see it in the stores all the time.

I want Nuka-Cola!

Quite rightly.

The effort would be better spent getting a reasonably priced ginger beer brand going in the U.S. Bring back Faygo Brau!!

Your suggested revision sounds more like “shilling” than the actual post. When someone’s shilling they tend to weasel around and phrase stuff that way unlike the bluntness of the OP.