An election decided by politics!?!?

Disclaimer: I am a Gore supporter.

Whats with everyone being shocked that this election is going to be decided by partisanship? Does it really matter whether the partisanship is in the voter base, the Florida legislature or the U.S. Supreme Court? The voters of Florida have had as much impact on the legislature as they have had on the electoral vote - how is it any less fair?

While the Supreme court appointees are far more abstracted than state legislatures, each seat is the end result of a process rooted in democracy. The margin of victory is certain to be in the margin of error in this election - so what other method could possibly be used to determine the outcome?

Is anyone really buying this democratic spin?

The fact is that the great majority of Americans hate politics – they view it as dirty, something that nice people don’t get involved with.

The closest that they are willing to involve themselves with these Augean stables is to reluctantly trundle down to the polls once a year and cast a ballot for candidates who ought, in their view, to be nominated by upright, caring people who have the good of that average voter – who, if he knew who he were passing in the street, would spit on them as scum dipping their hands in a filthy business – in mind as their sole touchstone every waking moment.

Thus, no matter the moral and intellectual failings of those other cretins who slouch into the voting booth, that average American can be sure that his views will prevail – for, being perfect himself, it is only to be expected that activists will bow their heads and recognize the superiority of his opinions – allowing him to hand over the conduct of public affairs to those who think just like him in every respect, and get back to the important business of sitting on the couch and watching Friends.