An election night pit thread that doesn't involve Bush or Kerry...

So I’m watching TV earlier tonight. It’s on the local news (which is the only thing that comes in - I don’t have cable and I’m too lazy to get an antenna.) They had the obligatory TV news polls, like “which presidential candidate do you trust more to handle the economy?” They also did polls for local elections. (I honestly don’t even know or care who the candidates in this state are, because I’m a college student and I’m sending a mail-in ballot for my home state.) One of the poll questions - the one that made me weep (even more) for the state of this country - was:

“Which candidate for governor do you think is better suited to handle terrorism?”

Yes. Of course. Because if there’s one thing that’s affected my life in Washington more than anything else, it’s terrorism. I can’t even walk down the street without gun-toting, ski-mask-wearing terrorists jumping out of the shadows and holding me hostage.

Is there a big enough " :rolleyes: " for this?

As we speak, scores of elderly Cnadian terrorists are poised at the border, okay sleeping in their Winnebagos at the border, just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting American in rural Washington state.

Or was that tourists…?