an employee confesses to murdering his mom

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. I just found out that a part-time employee of mine has confessed to the police to having murdered his mother. She was found shot twice in the back of the head over a year ago, and he confessed to the crime a few days ago. Very shocking and horrifying.
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This is really saddening. How can someone kill his own mother? What a strange, violent, cruel world this can be sometimes.

Just don’t have words for it right now.
(and please, let’s keep my place of employment out of the discussion. we don’t need any more publicity right now)

I think perhaps the desire to avoid publicity is somehow incompatible with posting the story on the boards…

So is he fired?

And if he is fired is he able to collect unemployment compensation in your state?

I just finished appealing an ex-employee’s request for UC (I won!).

I would encourage you to keep good records. Do you have an employee manual? Is matricide listed as a cause for dismissal? If the employee has previously killed other relatives was a warning given and signed by the employee? A copy of the arrest report or article from the newspaper would be good to keep on file.

By ‘avoiding publicity’, I’m just asking that none of you super-energetic, net-savvy researchers go to great lengths to uncover the name of his employer and post it. Thank you.

For various reasons, unemployment compensation is not an issue here. Thank goodness.

I do have an employee manual. Although matricide, fraticide, and other -cides are not specifically itemized at fireable offenses, I do cite behavior that might reflect poorly upon the institution. It’s a judgment call, but I think in this case, it qualifies. :slight_smile: (Thanks for helping me to smile about something.)


Pablito, my sympathies. I know how disconcerting it can be when you find out someone you know was capable of something like this.
If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone. This guy was once my boyfriend’s AND my roommates good friend.

In fact, this guy and I had many mutual friends, and I actually met him once, briefly.

I think that would depend entirely on the sort of business you’re operating.

I think his new living accomidations will not allow for him to commute to work anymore, giving grounds for management to cut him from the payroll.

So, Paul, I’ve gotta know – did you realize he was a suspect? Did his mother’s death make you think twice before disciplining him? Had he acted weirdly before or since?

Did he take a lot of time off for the funeral, etc.? (I’m reminded of the joke about the guy who killed both his parents, then asked for lenience from the court on the grounds that he was but a poor orphan.)

How well did you know this guy!?!?!?

…was he a “quiet man”?

I went to school hung out with and partied with this guy.

Yes, he was the quiet shy one. :eek:

Im an intermittant introvert. Or I have multiple personalities. Quiet sometimes, jibber-jabbering a lot. Im a super dooper smart ass at work. I antagonize all my co-workers equally.

I played a joke on a co-worker one night. Wasnt planned, spur of the moment kinda thing.

We got pulled over by a cop. Guy was shocked. Cop said put your hands on the dashboard where I can see them.

I turn to the guy and say ‘I guess I shoulda told ya, I tied up the new girl and stuck her in the trunk’. In a super serious way.

He went pale. The cop came back and said “Your plates have expired”.

Guy was like ‘I just got the sticker thingy today’, and went out and put it on.

Cop let us go.

Guy was freaked out for a bit, but got over it.

An ex-employee of mine was pulled over by the Police Chief of a small town. The ex-employee shot him 19 times with an AK 47. The ex-exployee was coming after me, because I’d fired him and his wife that morning. He’d called me and said he was going to kill me, so I filed a complaint and a warrant was issued. The Police Chief was stopping him in regard to the warrant.

If I may say so, society would be better served if that man were crucified. Apparently, the Greenville, South Carolina, S.W.A.T. team hasn’t yet filled its “crack sniper” position.

Society would be better served if this man were still in prison. I guess the sentences for sexually assaulting ten-year-old-girls in that part of the country are pretty light, huh?

Holy crap! :eek:

May I ask if he survived? :frowning:

Sorry to hear of these incidents.

Holy crap, I give my people one payed day in the event of the death of an immediate family member. I wonder if I deed to re-word that policy.

Here’s an update for everyone:
His wife told me they’re mounting a defense: “don’t believe everything you read in the papers,” etc.
His 6 year old daughter is just the sweetest, most adorable, beautiful girl you could ever hope to meet and their relationship has always seemed very close and special. He has always struck me as a wonderful, caring, and very loving father.
I know him very well.
He is anything but the ‘quiet’ type. He’s a very funny, outspoken, happy, gregarious person, always full of energy, enthusiastic, eager to please, making jokes, and surprising people with off the wall remarks and snappy comebacks.
At his request, I’ve just set him up to receive a visit from a clergy person.

I dated this guy.