An extraordinary power of your choice

Congratulations!You have won an extraordinary power of your choice.This can be anything-the ability to time travel,communicate with animals,communicate with the dead,be invisible etc.etc.What will you choose?

Me,I’m going for the ability to make people do whatever I want just by thinking it.

:slight_smile: and guess what I’m thinking now?

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Yes, master…I…will…post…to…this…thread…
I have this sudden, uncontrollable urge to say:

I choose the ability to stop time at will but still move freely, like that guy in the old Twilight Zone episode with the magical stopwatch. Only my power would never break. :slight_smile:

Complete Biomolecular Self-Control.

AKA - Shapechanging Deluxe.

Reference : Plastic Man.

Why? Numerous side-effects. Immortality, for one. Includes Elasticity and Shapechanging. One can also fake other powers, like flight, by shaping Wings.

[Crow T. Robot]I wanna decide who lives and who dies![/Crow T. Robot]

Seriously… I would like this power – “Anything I want to happen, happens.” Then I could finally paint that frikkin’ room in my house correctly.

Hey you took my power!

Hmm…OK If I can’t stop time, I’ll choose the ability to make people like me instantly. Enough to give me gifts, money, themselves, etc. But I can turn it off at will (so no stalkers!)

Hey you took my power!

But I’d like to add that they would like me enough to give me respect, adulation genuine affection also if and when I wanted it…

I suppose if this came true though how would I know if people just liked me because of the power or without the power just as much - hmm. It would take some fine-tuning.

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I think this will do better in IMHO.

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Mind control, without a doubt. From there, all things are possible.

Mimicry and adaptation of others’ abilities a la Mimic.

I’d have my own abilities in addition to yours and everyone else’s around me.

I’d like to be able to walk into a nightclub and see color-coded auras around the women’s heads, indicating their relationship status, interest in getting laid tonight, and IQ. Great timesaver.

Telepathy. It’s kind of cliche, I know, but oh-so-useful


No Batmobile, no Invisible Plane… Self-powered flight.

I’d like the power to edit, lock or delete posts and move them from forum to forum.

Failing that, I’d take the ability to heal injuries.

The problem with mind control, tempting though it is, is that I think it would ultimately make you unhappy.
Purely for the fun of it, I have to go with telekinesis. (The ability to move objects with my mind.) Particularly if it’s easy and strain-free.

(Plus, telekinesis + craps + Vegas = infinite riches)

I’d like the ability to move myself (and anything I am touching/holding/wearing) around anywhere in time and/or space instantaneously. No more commuting, airplace flight, etc - think of the time and money I’d save! Got the afternoon off work? Great - I’ll just pop over to Paris pre-9/11/01 for lunch, see the sights, be back in my own bed to sleep. Or go see my friend in the Florida Keys next time I’m bored on a Saturday.

Well, you’d be screwed in California!

I’ll take the ability to urinate over 100 yards!

I would like to ability to individually move and rearrange large numbers of subatomic particles, and to be able to tell how the movement of said atoms will effect things on a larger scale.

I could rearrange atoms in people’s brains until they thought the way I wanted them to think, I could repair injuries on the molecular scale, I could kill my enemies by turning their lungs into solid blocks of carbon, nitrogen, etc., and then reform the atoms from their corpses into hot chicks whose brain chemistry makes them find me irresistably attractive, I could transport the atoms that make up my body to anwhere I wanted. I’d be a God!

Technomancery and Machine Telepathy.

Or, anything where’d I’d be able to absorb, process, and utilize inhuman amounts of data.

“Crays are like candy to me, ah-ha-ha! Now, I’m going to link my consciousness with the entire internet at once, just to prove that I can!”

I would like the powers to ease pain and end conflict.

That’s all.