An idea for a horror flick

I had an idea for a horror flick, so tell me what you think…

This has probably been thought of before, so I claim no credit for being original.
The Carnival

It is late summer, and people from all ages are going to the local Carnival/theme park to have fun. But this carnival is run by an old Russian circus master who walks funny and is anti-social. His staff are no ordinary staff either, they are evil clowns that eat children who have been seperated from their parents after the park closes.

Many children have been grabbed from the giant crowds of people without their parents noticing, and become victims to this deranged group of circus freaks.

The clowns themselves would have long teeth…etc and their eyes would glow at night.

Another title I was thinking of was “Nightmare Park” because the setting would be a theme park of course.

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So the entire film is just clowns eating children and a guy who walks funny? You need a lot more than that. Most films have stuff like a plot and characters. It might be a good idea to start there. I’m really trying to be helpful, but your idea is really … nothing. At least films as bad as Killer Klowns from Outer Space pretended to have a plot.

No, I don’t have plot or characters yet, I just wanted to throw the idea out there.

Wasn’t this a movie with KISS?

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I don’t get it

Freaks meets It.

And you’re telling me that all these children are getting abducted/consumed and no parent notices? These aren’t runaway street kids or underage orphan prostitutes, these are kids with families! When does this take place anyway?

Suspension of disbelief and all.

A carnival is definitely fertile ground for dark fantasy/horror, but keep in mind that this setting/concept has just about been milked dry by hundreds, if not thousands, of books, movies, TV shows, etc.

Recommended Movie: Freaks, Recommended Book: Something Wicked This Way Comes, Recommended TV show: Carnivale (Maybe…it depends on where this season is going, although I admit that I’m completely hooked.)

PS Juggalos need not apply.

btw, what about a PREQUEL to the original CARNIVAL OF SOULS which shows how the Carnival burned down & its people became lost souls in limbo?