An impossible thread title: --- Mc---alot: where did it come from?

The phrase — Mc—alot (e.g. - Spendy McSpendsalot or Naggy McNagsalot).

Where did this come from? Perhaps Saturday Night Live, or The Simpsons?

Any ideas?

Possibly it starts with Al Capp. He often used the “Mc” prefix for throwaway characters: “McFeeble dropped daid!” “Them that dies now is the lucky ones.”

The rest is probably an expansion of the concept.

Maybe it started with Sir Mix-A-Lot? Baby got BACK!:smiley:

I think the OP means MC as in M.C= the Microphone Controller usually in rap, such as MC Hammer or MC Lyte, as that would explain the -a-lot. As for the --alot, the only one that springs to mind is Sir Mix-a-lot. However from the examples provided it seems to not be an M.C. but Mc as in “Mac”, which yeah, I’m not sure how that one works.

So maybe its a bastardization of the two references, because when I first saw those words, my mind naturally went with "M.C. Nagsalot, or M.C.___alot. But now I see it could be read as McNagsalot with the sound of Mc like McNuggets (McDonald’s is the first thing I think about when i see the Mc as a sound and not spelled out- like McChicken Sandwich, McNuggets, McFlurry, McFries, etc…).

SNL did do this about 10 years ago.

One of the stereotypes is an Irishman named Boozy McLiverDamage. I have no idea if that can be credit with starting the joke, but it may have done something to popularize it.

No, I think he’s referring to the relatively new convention of calling someone a “Blanky McBlanksalot”, where you, well, fill in the “Blank”. Slutty McSlutterton, Drunky McDrinksalot, Sloppy McButterface, etc.

If I wanted to insult you for not knowing this (which I absolutely do not - this is only an example), I might call you “Poster McIdiotface” or something equally lame.

Is this a whoosh? “M.C.” as in “M.C. Hammer” comes from “master of ceremonies.”

Dunno, but respectfully submitted for your persual an earlier discussion.


It can also be used to say Microphone Controller. Yes, it comes from Master of Ceremonies, but more often used as slang in Rap/Hip Hop, it’s used to note the one who controls the mic and the flow (I’ve heard it more as always the latter rather than the former, but YMMV I suppose). You have your MC and you have your DJ. The DJ spins the wheels, and the MC controls the flow.

But yes, I know it means Master of Ceremonies, but it also means Microphone Controller.

The other thread has some good answers, so I don’t have much to add beyond anecdotes. A friend of mine from high school used ‘Slutty McAnklebritches’ to refer to women of that sort of disposition . . . even once in our English class presentation on The Maltese Falcon.

The type cited by the OP, where name equals [word] Mc[same word or form of it], was used in a 1987 Blackadder episode, by Edmund Blackadder to describe his Scottish cousin:

“He’s madder than Mad Jack McMad, the winner of last year’s ‘Mr. Madman’ competition.”

Wait, that’s not actually the same thing after all. But it’s kind of close.

ETA: On third thought, it’s not even as close as all that, since the OP asked about “Mc----alot”. Oh well. Look, a kitty…

I doubt we’ll ever find much proof either way, but I think the ‘Mc-----alot’ construction evolved from the earlier Mc[adjective] style, like the Blackadder line and possibly the Capp joke.

Bah! It’s only “Microphone Controller” because those dumb rappers didn’t know what it really stood for.

I don’t want to necro the abovementioned thread, but I have to throw in this quote from it:

'There is also the Simpsons episode in Feb. of 1999 where Homer changes his name to Max Power. At the end of the episode he suggests names that Marge could switch to, and one of them is ‘Hooty McBoob.’

I find that strangely hilarious.


“Big Mac…french fries…I’m McChoccas”

Bargearse, 1990.

In the 1940 “The Bank Dick,” one of the bad guys is “Filthy McNasty.”

This is one of those constructions that seems to be inherently funny regardless of what you actually fill in the blanks with. The ‘alot’ part isn’t even necessary, it’s the ‘Mc’ that makes it funny (and in typing this, I suddenly realize where the slur mick comes from :smack:). For example, you’ve got Naggy McNagsalot, but Naggy Mcbitchmoan is good too.

I doubt we’ll ever discover or agree upon its origin, but I believe its current popularity is because of the tv show Friends.


That’s where I remember hearing it first. Something about a student that Ross had dubbed Cutie McHotgirl, or something like that.