Using the put-down "firstname-y Mc-lastname"

When did this start?

I notice it a lot on the Daily Show - there was a bit where Jon Stewart was discussing a Bush repeal of environmental laws and how a northwest governor thought it would be a good idea - and that governor’s name was something like Drilly McLoggerGuy.

I knew it must be a trend when I found MYSELF using it - I was bantering with someone at work and found myself referring to them as “Waspy McNoButt”

So - you know of this trend? Any good ones? Where did it start?

I’m pretty sure it came from The Simpsons. But I hear it a lot too, and I’ve been known to use it myself on occasion.

I would have thought that Daily Show did it before The Simpsons, but I have no real evidence.

I’m almost positive it came from the Simpsons. Jon Stewart is a huge Simpsons fan. (Anyone see when he had Hank Azaria on? He was as giddy as I’ve ever seen him.)

The first time I heard it was from a waiter I worked with. And that might have been up to 12 years ago, but definitely more than 10. I know I was still drinking at the time, and it was before I moved to British Columbia, so I have a good frame of time reference.

I find that the humor is greatly enhanced by making it ________y Mc_________enstein.

Hence, our cat is known as Stinky McButtenstein. If the hubby turns his nose up to some delicious concoction over which I have slaved on a hot stove, he’s Picky McPickenstein for the rest of the night.

Pure comedy gold.

I heard it first on TDS, too: Jon referring to himself as Jewey McJewenstein, as I recall.

I recall hearing the name Fisty McLovearm about 5 years ago.

The oldest example I know of is from a 1997 SNL episode. Nathan Lane hosted, and in a sketch featuring Lane called “History of Vaudeville,” which mocks a bunch of old-timey Vaudeville stereotypes, somebody says hello to an Irishman named Boozy McLiverDamage. I remember my friends really picking up on this.

In a 1995 Simpsons episode there’s reference to a place called Tipsy McStagger’s Good Time Drinking and Eating Emporium. Not sure if that counts or played into this craze, but I’m pretty confident it pre-dates the Jon Stewart Daily Show era, which started in 1999.

On Friends, Rachel once referred to a co-worker as “Smokey Smokerson.”

I got pwned in 2-on-2 Halo on Gamespy Dot Com by two guys named “Smokey McPot” and my own personal favorite, “Loiny McCloth.”

We also a locale for this, so we will call our cat Poopy McPoopybutt, the stinkiest cat in all of Stinkyville. For that extra comedy flair, we’ll keep going on the location name, such as Stinkyvilleborohaventownshire. That bit reminds me of Fletch, where he keeps adding suffixes to his fake names.

I have always credited it to the Simpsons as well. There is also the Simpsons episode in Feb. of 1999 where Homer changes his name to Max Power. At the end of the episode he suggests names that Marge could switch to, and one of them is ‘Hooty McBoob.’ The Tipsy McStaggers reference predates that one, but it seems to have been a running gag on the Simpsons for quite a while.

I just found a “Tipsy McStagger” reference in the Flaming Moe episode of The Simpsons, that episode aired in November of 1991. Anyone got one earlier than that?

Why does “Phoney McRingRing” sound familiar as well, from a Simpsons context?

Fatty McButterpants makes me giggle–it is from King Of Queens

I’ll call friends Slutty McNastypants in jest. I made it up one day.

On the SDMB, there was a thread about a waitress who always went commando with a short skirt at the restaurant. SOmeone referred to her as “Flashy McCooter.”

They did this a lot on the short-lived animated series Mission Hill. The only one I can remember is “Raunchy McScumbag,” though.

Lushy McDrunk. Drunkie McDrunk. Drunkie McLush. All names my SO has for me when I get a whee bit tipsy, especially on those unexpected weeknights.

I’d swear that I used to see this one in Mad Magazine all the time, but I got no cite better than my half-recollections.