An interesting series of threads

So, I was in London for a bit, and innumerable thread ideas, most of them general questions, came to mind. I’m going to post my favourites out of these, one by one, over the next 24 hours or so. Both the selection and throttling should prevent spamming of the board.

As I like the idea of calling them a series, I will cross link all of them with this thread.

And the first (and least interesting) thread here:

Let me get this straight… You’re starting a thread proclaiming how interesting all your other threads are?

:confused: :dubious: :rolleyes:

I think it’s quite a nice idea - it’s all in the name of convenience for others.

In which I describe a new system of government

Oh God, he’s back :frowning:


This is allowed?

Wait you are going to create numerous threads then link to them in this thread? Or you’re going to address all your new ideas for threads in this thread? Various subjects in one thread?

I second the :confused:

It’s a good way of linking all these threads together.

6 more days and counting.

Oh my. This is rich.


Attention-whoring? Check. Annoying? Check. Trolling? Quite possibly. Your posting privileges will be discussed with the rest of the staff, Small British Shop Owner.