There it is! My 1000th post...

I believe the tradition is to create useless threads that quickly sink to the bottom of the thread pool, near the decomposing bodies of dead hamsters, sent to an early grave by the ever-increasing speed they had to…umm but I digress.

Since I’m already posting, I’d like to apologize for this thread which looks very much like an egocentric copy of Mangetout’s much better thread . Pure temporal coincidence it is, however, that so alike the two thread should be. Indeed, I simply intended for bored posters to make up random, over the top reasons for my claimed “awesomeness”, bringing laughter and grins to all who enjoy such foolish things as I must admit I do.

Much unlike the sincere compliments in Mangetout’s thread , which, I repeat, is much, much better!*

*I know, I know. My modesty will get me killed.

I think the tradition is now for these threads to be locked down, since you didn’t read the stickie at the top of the page.

Yep. ShibbOleth got it in one.