An intro of myself and a request for 411 on S.D.

Allright I’m here looking around 4 a while, pretty good discussions, pretty smart people, lots of different views. So I decided I would register and stay here for a while. But I got some questions…

Where is “here” ???

What is the 411 on Straight Dope???

Are the books worth my time? If so why?

Just Kinda curious about where I’m @.
I’d appreciate your help on this matter.

Thanx SDMB


The books are worth anyone’s while. Buy several copies of each to distribute to friends and family.

After reading them you may be capable of expressing your thoughts without resorting to semi-literate Net-lingo.

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U R Here @ the SBMB, LOL, no ROTFVMLMALOL!! IIRC, The 411 is Chig@go, IL., but we B all over the USA FYI!!! C U LA TER DU DE!!!

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Aw, don’t chase the guy off.

Laz: Just click on the “Straight Dope Home Page” link directly below. Read the columns. There’s several hundred in the archives. If you feel the need to read even more, buy the books. If you find them boring or uninformative, this probably isn’t the MB for you.

Lighten up, guys. Not everyone knows how to spell “for” or “at.” :wink:

SD is South Dakota. It is bordered by Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana. Its capital is Pierre. Its state tree is the Black Hills spruce.

The area code for the state is 605.

1-605-555-1212 will give you directory assistance for South Dakota.

I really am curious how people get here, without knowing where here is. What brought you here Laz? And yes you should read all the books cover to cover, they are interesting,funny and you will definately learn alot. Welcome.

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What are these books to which the Original Poster alludes?

Sorry 'bout the hijack, guys – but why does Lazarus’ post count read “0”?
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Welcome to the Straight Dope!

Here are some links for the books… linkety, link.

…and if you are to broke to buy the books… just follow me around the boards and bask in the wisdom of my glow.


Mind if I ask why you dug up a year old thread?

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your humble TubaDiva

Thank you. Help is always welcome.

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Mind if I ask why you dug up a year old thread?


Among other things, I wanted to know what the ‘books’ were, and it seemed that the tread had some merit for new readers of the BBS.
Thank you for the info and the response.

Anyone who can get a special post on the first try (one with a post count of 0) deserves to hang around a while longer. Sure, it might have been beginner’s luck, but it could also be a sign of important things to come. Welcome.

Thanks for the info on the “0” biz, TubaDiva.

I’ve also seen a “N/A” post count. Both from 1999-2000 (early). Maybe something to do with the older system? WAG? Don’t really need an answer. I’ll accept it as just another of Life’s sweet, sweet mysteries …

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I just got done reading this whole entire thread trying to help a newbie, only to finally check the dates and realize that this thread’s from over a year ago!?

Wolfstu, sweetie, you gotta exercise a tiny bit more judgement when it comes to bumping antique threads, 'kay? :wink: Anything older than about 2 months, start a new thread and link to the old thread. Say, “I know this has been discussed before but…”

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wolfstu asks a question based on an old thread he reads. In that very thread, because it seems to him the place to ask his question. He wants to know about “the books”. Someone answers his question. That’s about it. I know, hardly a paperback thriller.

Why do some people think we have rules about how old a thread may be to still be resurrected legally?
The answer is: we don’t. If a newbie is smart enough to use the search engine, and finds a thread that is related to what he wishes to know, but does not answer his question, then what is the problem in asking it then and there?
I’m all for good searching. If wolfstu had started a new thread without doing his homework, I’m sure someone would have come in with a link to an older thread - maybe even this one (in other words: no matter how you do it, there’s always someone to disagree, right?). At least in this case, wolfstu is showing us he put some effort in this.

Where did this come from, exactly?
There are no strict guidelines for this. If a resurrection post adds fuel to the discussion, it’s valid. No matter how old the thread is.