Simple question to you!

Hey all.

This is the first time I’ve visited this site or even heard of the Straight Dope… probably cause I’m from Canada, eh?

So basically, I can post any question here and people will jsut answer it!?


Yep, welcome to the Straight Dope. Secrets of the Universe™ revealed for free and worth twice the price!

Sometimes you get a good taunting as an added bonus. Please don’t take it personally. We’re just trying to emulate our dear, curmudgeonly patron, Uncle Cecil.

its no joke, you’ve stumbled across quite possibly the best message board on the planet.

Welcome to the teeming millions. By far the best collection of folks found anywhere. Just learn to post in the correct forum and our rabid modereraters:D will not move your thread.

Everyone’s great here. :cool:

Welcome to the SDMB, Blitzweb. I wouldn’t go so far as to say you can ask any question here. Asking advice on how to break the law or infringe copyrights is certainly out. You might want to read FAQ - guidelines for posting at the SDMB. Since this is a question about this message board, I’ll move it over to the forum we have for questions about this message board. It’s called “About This Message Board.”

wow. this place does rock!

This place is a veritable menagerie of personalities, information, banter, and all that good stuff!

IIRC, there are a few papers in Canada that carry the Straight Dope - has the latest list. And this message board is hardly all American - there is a fairly large Canadian and Australian contingent here, as well as people from Germany, Norway, Korea, Japan, China, France, Switzerland, UAE, and a bunch of other places - name a country, there is a good chance theres someone on the boards from there!

My advice: read the forum descriptions, read a few threads (learn something:) ) and then post to your hearts content. You’ll find it gets addictive VERY quickly :smiley:

Flamsterette_X, don’t forget the sweet, sweet lovin’.

That’s what I included in “all that good stuff”… but we don’t want to scare Blitzweb off too soon, do we? :smiley: