An iPhone 3GS calendar event question:

Normally I love this phone. Not right at the moment.

I recently added a calendar appointment, and now I need to remove it.
Usually you tap on the event and you get a new screen with the edit button in the top right, and so on.

Not in this case.

The entry has an ‘invitation from’ line and ‘unknown’ after it and NO EDIT BUTTON in the top right hand corner and NO DELETE BUTTON scrolling down the page.

Since this is only the second time this has happened I’m not willing to reset my entire calendar which might cause me to lose all entries.

Anybody have a clue why this is happening - or know what I’m doing wrong?

It seems like it might just be an invitation to an event, not an event? What happens if you tap the name “Unknown”?


What version of ios are you running?

Do you have the invitations button in the calendar list view?

Does the invitation appear there?