An odd bit of synchronicity / coincidence..

I just checked my email, and this odd bit of weirdness presented itself therein:

Messages in inbox: 11
Message in bulk mail folder: 11
Percentage of email limit used: 11%
Time of check: 6:11 PM. (okay, not as wondrous i as it might have been if it was 11:11, but you take what you can get)

(insert Spinal Tap joke here)

I just went to WinterPark, CO to ski and it’s Winter! Winter is a good time for skiing!

Will it never stop?

Speaking as someone who once HAD a spinal tap, please try and refrain from using the words “insert Spinal Tap…” together again. Shudder

Thanks. :smiley:

What’s a spinal tap like, Smeg?

My bad. :smiley:

Flamsterette_X, please let us know when this coincidence repeats itself at 11:11 on 11/11/11.

This reminds me of something about 11/11/11…

There’s something in those elevens, Flamsterette_X that seems to make it a universally memorable numerical coincidence.

You are not alone … :slight_smile:

Not fun. I was young at the time, but I remember that much quite well.

Actually, turnituptoeleven was the name of some musical production company my brother and his friends were involved with a few years ago. The name derived from the very same Spinal Tap Joke I suspect you’re attempting to make. :slight_smile:


Synchronicity was a good Police song, too.

Thanks for the link, Ice Wolf. I just now got around to checking it out. Probably there is something in all the elevens, but who knows? Certainly not me! :slight_smile: