An Ode To Hamster Chow

Oh, you should’ve seen it.

It was a spectacular thread. It skirted on the edge of IMHO, but since I was in an MPSIMS mood, I made it fit. It had to do with a conversation that kittenlm and I just had, and it was some of my finest writing ever.

But there the hamsters sat, huddled in the darkness, peering out of their beadly eyes from behind their little wheels. And when they saw that I didn’t copy it to Notepad before clicking “Submit New Thread”, they sprang into action.

They tore it to shreads. They will sleep a bit more comforably tonight, content on the packing material that was my thread.

But, it was too long to retype. Too long to even sum up. The moment has passed. So now you’re just gonna have to pretend this never happened. Now laugh at my slaughtered jokes, and be amazed at how fricking good that thread was, damnit!

Bad Hal! *Always * copy to Notepad first!! :smack: :smack: :smack: