An Ode to Instability

This link had me absolutely rolling. I’m not one, normally, for posting funny things and saying, “Go look at this,” but… go look at this.

I am giggling so hard I’m weeping. And forwarding this to half my office. Thanks for the laugh!

Apparently some people are unfamiliar with the advice never e-mail anything that you wouldn’t want blasted around the entire internet.

And damn, how much of an ego boost must it be for this guy, that his ex is still that fricking mental over him three years post-breakup?

I’m not buying that this is an actual exchange between two real people but that doesn’t make it any less funny. :smiley:

Jesus, that is one loony chick.

Davey sounds like my kind of guy. We’d be bestest friends, me and him.

tee hee.

I got bored halfway through the first email, so I skipped ahead to the second one. Halfway through that, I lost interest entirely.

I guess that makes me the exception, but that doesn’t particularly bother me.

Dammit, Bricker. For years now I’ve been really good at avoiding all mention of Davey, and then your link just dredges all of that up again.

I wonder if I should call him.

I like the 3rd or 4th comment, suggesting that the Entire Internet buy a billboard with Davey’s picture on it, and the words “Davey says ‘hi’!”, and pay for it to be erected on the West Side. As close as possible to Sarah’s house. :smiley:

She needs to LET GO.

Does anyone else have no problem whatsoever imaging a pit thread started by Sarah and an ensuing pro-boyfriend pile-on? :smiley:

Man, I just KNOW I’m going to end up dating that girl.