An ode to my favorite holiday of the year: Super Bowl Sunday

It truly is my fave.

It’s got it all.

Friends, booze, a nice spread of food, funny new commercials, football, gambling.

Granted, this year we’re forced to choose allegiances between a New York* team, or Art Modell’s team. Personally, I’ll be rooting for a nice buzz and my squares numbers.

Can you imagine how rapturous I would be if the Lions ever made it?

(Hey, if they can talk about Invisible Pink Unicorns in GD …)

I love Super Bowl Sunday. Of course, it’s always a bit sad as well…no more football until fall. sniffle

Hell, Milo, get drunk. Then you won’t care WHO plays. :smiley:


It’ll just be me…
and 1500 other rabid NFL fans at the local Budbowl Party at the downtown Convention Center.

The 49’er cheerleaders will be there. :smiley:

Who cares who wins?
My prediction? 2-0 Giants.