An Ode to Smints

Small serpentine engraved tricorne lozenge.
Out of the blue, a bolt of scintillating refreshment.
Whispered hint of white adorned anise overtones.

Pale pastille of orangish hue.
More peachy than Georgia dew.
Tart tang of the orchard’s sunrise picked fruit.

All other flavors pale by compare.
Floating off into the misty morning air.
Especially that lousy stinking berry flavor!


smints have recieved their due credit, methinks.

So! No one here buys (or steals) Smints?!?

Obviously, that is a rip off of “Ode to a White Jelly Bean” that I wrote about twenty-five years ago. Have you been going through my journals?

Blue Schmue! The Green wintergreen ones are the best! They are really hard to find, I have found two small drugstores in Chicago that carry them and only sporadically.

Clever poem. I agree with you too. The peach ones are great and the berry ones are disgusting. They taste like blueberry, and I am not a fan of blueberries except in my pancakes.

I looooove peach smints! I won 10 boxes or so a couple of years ago, from the smints website – before the peach ones were available here.