An Official SDMB Election Poll?

Just asking but when would be an ideal time to set up a semi-offical SDMB 2012 US Presidential Election Poll? I want to have both people on the ticket in the poll options and want the Libertarian and Green (and whatever other third party runs nationally) on the poll.

I would say go ahead and start your poll now if you wish. I would venture to guess that 99% of people on SDMB have long since decided who they are going to vote for/against.

My personal opinion of those few undecided voters is that they are clueless individuals who are also overwhelmed at the agonizing decision process when asked “Do you want fries with that?”

If people want to waste their votes on the Libertarian or Green parties at the ballot box, they might as well waste their votes here, too.

Well, unless you are in a swing state, a vote for any candidate but the assumed winner is wasted. A vote for Obama in Texas is wasted as surely as a vote for the Prohibition party and a vote for Romney in California is as wasted as a vote for the Constitution party.

And in new Mexico, Gary Johnson actually has a small chance of winning. If you’re in New Mexico, the race might actually be between Johnson and Obama, with a vote for Romney being wasted.

You can’t be serious. What polling data have you been looking at?

I admit I’m interpreting the polling very generously for Johnson, but PPP’s latest poll had him at 13%. He’s been as high as 23%. While that makes him a bigtime underdog, it doesn’t make him an afterthought like a normal LP candidate or a Ralph Nader.

To demonstrate that Johnson could win in NM, I cite the example of Jesse Ventura. He polled at 21% as late as October 1998, but within one month had gained 15 points in the polls for the win in a three-way race. And he was a political newcomer, not a two term former governor.