An old-timey game show jingle is stuck in my head! What show is it from?

I’ve got this old game show theme stuck in my head, but for the life of me I can’t remember which game show it’s from. I tried going to one of those “tap the tune” websites and it couldn’t figure it out. I think it’s from the 60s or 70s. It sounds like a tinny trumpet and it’s syncopated. I could hum it, but that doesn’t help you guys. Here’s the pattern from the first couple bars:

short short short short - short short short loooong
short short short short - short short short loooong

Any suggestions would be great! Youtube links welcome, too. Thanks :slight_smile:

Match Game '73?

That song isn’t it. Thank you for the link though! It’s more of a trumpet solo, I should have specified that. I think there is some percussion and possibly supporting horns, but the trumpet is featured prominently in the jingle I’m thinking of.

Augh, this is driving me nuts.

Was it Herb Alpert’s “Spanish Flea,” used on The Dating Game?

This was going to be my guess.

If you have the SoundHound app on your smartphone you are supposed to be able to hum the tune and it will identify it.

I know quite a few game show themes from that era. However, I need to know some things:
(a) are all of the “shorts” the same length?
(b) how much of a gap (in terms of the length of a “short”) is there between the fourth and fifth shorts?
(c) how long is the “long”, in terms of shorts?

If you can describe the notes using “do, re, mi” notation, that would really help.

You’re some kind of magician! Thank you! :D:D:D:D:D