I need help identifying a classical musical piece.

I can hum the song in my head, but that doesn’t help me in this post. This song is heavy on the stringed intruments and is typically played when denoting royalty or ritzy lifestyles. You might imagine this tune playing at the beginning of a movie as the camera zooms across the expansive front lawn of a mansion, and fading as the interior shots of a black tie dinner begin. Other than that I don’t have much more go on.

The tune goes something like this.

Dum Dum Dum DaDaDa

DaDa Dum Dum Dum DaDaDa

Da Da Dum Da Da Da Da Dum

This is driving me crazy, so I hope at least someone here can help me.

Are you talking about the theme to either Masterpiece Theatre or Lifestyles fo the Rich and Famous?

Either of those could be it. I’ll have to see if I can find samples of them to be sure.


OK. It’s not the theme to Masterpiece Theater.

Ohh I think it’s one of Vivaldi’s Seasons.

Spring maybe.

We have a winner.

I checked on Amazon, and it’s listed as: The Four Seasons: Allegro

Thanks for your wisdom.

Upon further investigation, you were right about it being spring as well. I’m always astounded at the intelligence exhibited on this board.

For queries like this you can also try Melody Hound, pretty good for classical experience IME. You either whistle the tune into a microphone or enter the Parsons Code. It’s quite easy - I entered the code *RRDDURDDRRDDURDDUUDDD (my best guess) and the first hit was Vivaldi’s Spring from the Four Seasons.

Thank you!

Just pick something off my Amazon wish list and send it to me.:smiley: