An Open Letter, or "Trolls, Trolls get them while their hot!"

Ok. Alpha, if this isnt allowed, feel free to close this.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Nimrods and Bottom feeders alike (you all know who you are),

I want to nip this one in the bud, so to speak. We are having our cyclical imput of nonsense. Once again, we are having several trolls enjoying getting flamed.

Well here is a novel Idea.

Spew your rancid, illogical and downright unintelligble claptrap right here, and avoid ruining a perfectly good debate or discussion in another thread.

If you feel that we are all ganging up on you, say it here and I will try to answer any questions you might have.

This is a once in a lifetime opertunity for a fair debate.

Dont take this chance, and I wont hold back on you the next time you submit something that has all the logical equivalence of poking melted butter up a hedgehogs ass with a hot needle.

yours Sincerely,


I resent that hedgehog remark!

S. Norman

Hmm, “hot needle”- interesting euphemism for your male member. :smiley:

lets not go there, Daniel

So I guess making a comment about you hot male lovin’, or “melted butter” as you put it, would be right out then?

your hot male lovin’

Oh boy! I’ll take two Troll fajita tacos, a Troll sausage with spicy mustard, a Troll cheesesteak sandwich, and *wha?
You’re not serving fresh Troll meat in here? :mad:

[Homer Simpson]
mmmmm, troll on a stick…
[/Homer Simpson}