Welcome, troll!

Everyone give a big SDMB welcome to Palidors, our new troll! From the questions and responses to the answers he supplied thus far, I can tell already he will be abusive, nonsensical and annoying!

Welcome aboard, Palidors!

Yer pal,

Gotta hand it to ya, Satan.

You can spot 'em early.

If you’re an optimist, you haven’t been paying attention.

Where did he post…what did I miss?

"Aint’cha gonna eat me Wolfie?

"Aint got the time, Grandma!"

In General Questions, where the Chief’s anti-troll mines are already sorely missed.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

First, as a newbie, can someone give me a definition of a “troll”?..I’m assuming from context, that it implies someone that posts questions for which he already has an answere so that he can try and stump everyone and prove how smart he is to himself…(which, considering the IQ of most of you regulars I think is impossible)
and/or someone that posts a question that they already have an opinion about for the express purposes of arguing with everyone…

And yes, he is extreamly annoying…what’s he up to?..about 9 posts in 2 days?

Wait…nobody answer this…did some searching and found a thread that explained…sorry I didn’t look before I asked…

I just went through some of Pal’s posts.

Yuk. Troll indeed.

Glad to see you, Palidors. Hope you don’t mind if I never read another of your fucking topics.


There’s always a bigger fish.

I apologize. He is a friend of mine who often tries to get me to talk to him on AOL Instant messenger (ugh…Aol…). I said that I always post here…and look what happens. I’ll beat him up at school tomorrow for not lurking to understand what to do and what not to do.

"No job’s too small, we bomb them all."
-Ace Wrecking Company

After reading Palidor’s shit, I kinda miss ol’ ARG.

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

You certainly called this one right, Satan. Anyone who lists “Oracle” under job description in their profile here is an arrogant asswipe. We all know that’s Cecil’s title, dammit. :slight_smile:


If you’re not part of the solution you’re just scumming up the bottom of the beaker.

Oh, great. Now the SDMB is going to be blamed for school violence. Next thing you know Congress will be making us register to use the site, declare it a private forum, and add moderators and administrators to keep us in line. There go my rights…

The overwhelming majority of people have more than the average (mean) number of legs. – E. Grebenik

This is eerily like the loverock hoax. Right down to someone claiming to know whom it is…

naw, it can’t be can it.

Haven’t seen GOD around lately though…

Is it already the fall newbie excising drive?

Hey Doc Jackson, I was just kidding…hehe I’ll make Palidors shut up one way or another.

"No job’s too small, we bomb them all."
-Ace Wrecking Company

Can another newbie play?

Palidors, everyone here seems to consider you a troll. I’ve got to say, the evidence is pretty convincing. I, however, am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are just an idiot.

You post questions you know the answer to. Perhaps you think this is a message board about asking riddles. It isn’t.

You type, at times, in all caps. This is a pet peeve of mine. Perhaps you are too stupid to realize it is annoying. AGain, no harm, no foul.

In addition, you posted a stupid question. Perhaps your teachers in elementary school told you there were no such thing as stupid questions. They lied. Your question, besides being tied to the defention of an unclearly defined word, isn’t even a question. It’s a Zen exercise for clearing teh mind. Again, I assume you are too ignorant to know this, like the guy who hears the punchline of the joke and then asks, “What happened next?”

Then again, maybe you’re an illbred, nasty, disgusting, vile troll. In which case, I will try to switch from condescension to invective. Chief Scott was my hero. I could never fill his shoes, but I’ll give you all a mild mannered dweeb has to take out on the world.


“Of course we could make school more challenging Lisa. But then the stupider children would be in here complaining… furrowing their brows in a futile attempt to comprehend the situation.”

So true, so true!

Hey ‘new guy with the fucked up name’…

You are all right man!
Loose the name though its really too hard. :wink:

"Aint’cha gonna eat me Wolfie?

"Aint got the time, Grandma!"

Oh, yes…

I flamed troll in the IQ thead in GQ…(I know, I know…wrong forum!)
Nickrz deleted the flame.

So here it is as best I can remember it:

Palidork, you dont fool me- BRITHAEL! Get off your buddy’s computer, go home and jerk off!

Something like that.

It is Britheel though, I am almost positive, and even though “mr rogers the moral barometer” says its one of his friends…
whatever, lets get a big cyber boat, put mr rogers, banshee,& brithael in it, and sent it out to sea . A boat with a hole. And rats.
And termites…yeah, and that flesh eating disease!!

Fuck off & die trolls!!! You suck!

CHiefscott…where the hell are you?? Its troll season! Tell the new GF you need to go hunting.

Listen, before you start slinging mud, take a look in your own mirror(this is not directed at you, prince of darkness). Anyone who averages over 10 posts a day (not you Kelli), needs to get outside and play more often and spend less time posting short, incomplete, meaningless answers to posts. If the subject doesn’t interest you, leave it alone. A board full of MENSA wannabes trying to bury their crusty little noses up Cecils ass is no fun at all!

Now go outside and see if you can get that pretend Harley started.


I am not a Mensa wannabe. I’m a card-carrying member.

Not that I’ve done anything useful with Mensa, but at least I have this spiffy card. :slight_smile:

Thanks for not putting me in the flame little buddy…

I am actually at work, which I suspect is the case with satan, C#3, and many of the other regulars.

I am able to multi task, and so I can do paperwork etc and surf at the same time. I also spend ALOT of time on hold waiting for people, so this is a great diversion. It also helps to look busy ;)This is also why you see alot of typo’s from me…I am watching for the boss!
I agree though, some of these trolls are just bored, and they are here to try and amuse themselves…they should try public masturbation instead.