An open letter to people looking for an employee

“Employers are but a pawn in the big Mind Orgy”
This is the phrase I have been seeking for the last 20 years. Thank you!

I do what I can. :slight_smile:

Well there’s your problem! The girl they wound up hiring had a nice set of turrets.


Revisited to review the advice that had been given since I have another interview tomorrow!
Looking back with a clearer head I think the problem was I wasn’t being myself. I was trying to be the person I thought they would hire. Obviously, I was wrong. I just ended up being timid and uninteresting. Here on out I don’t play any games. I will be myself, funny, intelligent, and a little wierd and if I blow it then it’s for the best because they wouldn’t like me anyway.
One more time, thank you all for the advice, I have a good feeling about this one. :smiley:

At least you got an interview.

Of course, I just really started looking hard again.