Employers Are Assholes!!!!!!

Ok, this is just about all I can take!


Phew!! That’s better!

I applied for a job as a store manager for a retail clothing outfit back in February of this year, the first interview was an hour and a half from home and lasted 2 hours in length.

I had a second interview which was 12 miles from home with the district manager which lasted 2 and a half hours as well. This person didn’t show on time, I had to go home and return an hour later. The interviews seemed to go well, the DM told me she would call over the weekend and fill me in on the benefit costs for my family etc on Saturday and the decision would be made on Monday, a call to me would follow one way or the other. Well, no calls.

Being both financially taxed and obviously interested in this job I persued this person on Voicemail, this is a very uncomfortable practice because you don’t know if you’re being a pest or actively agressive and showing interest. I guess it depends on the idiot you are begging the job from , eh?

I finally get a hold of the owners voicemail and ask if the position had been filled, suddenly the DM calls and leaves a message on my answering machine that it had been filled and that I was not the candidate who got the job, ok, I can accept that.

6 weeks ago an ad appeared again in the paper for a store manager, same outfit, differect location. I get a call from her to come down to “Discuss the stores issuses and talk over where they are at and where I am at”. I show up, on time, talk to her for another 2 hours. She tells me all about the bennies and costs, ETC. She agrees with my salary requirements, even said I was over qualified for the previous location because of its sales volume. She hands me her business card and says, we have 2 more interviews we are obligated to do, but I will call you by the middle to the end of next week. I wait, wait and wait…monday of the following week comes, no call, tuesday, no call…you get the picture. I leave a few ‘follow up’ voicemails, no call.

Now here is my dilema…WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??? The job was filled but this flaming asshole can’t even call me back??? I know it is an employers market but holy Jesus H. Christ!!! It is also hard to find good help, too! I know this from experience. They don’t owe me a fucking job but the common decency to call me back, especially since they persued me and SAID THEY WOULD should indicate a FUCKING CLUE!!!

@!#&^@!#&^*&@!# MORONS!!!

…I know, I am probably better off not working for them. :rolleyes:

I hear ya and agree. Whilst going on an interview and not getting the job does indeed suck, it is not the end of the world. What pisses me off is when the interviewer or agency that has arranged the interview don’t have the common courtesy to contact you and let you know the result.

Some suggestions and info about the mechanics of interviewing were provided in a recent Staff Report.

Don’t start generalizing. Yes, there are lots of jerks out there, people who are rude and inconsiderate, people who are incompetent but still in positions of power, etc. Don’t condemn the system just because you’ve encountered some jerkish individuals.

Voodoo dolls may provide an effective outlet for your anger.

Also, by the way, it is common technique NOT to call the unsuccessful candidates until after the offer has been accepted. If you were number two or three, for instance, they would not normally call you when they made the offer to their favored candidate, they would wait until that person accepted – that way, if he refused, they could make the offer to the #2 without ever letting her know she was #2. (That doesn’t explain excessively long delays, which are probably just jerkdom at work, but I’m just sayin’: if an employer says they’ll make a decision on Monday, and you haven’t heard by Tuesday or Wednesday, it could well be that you are the #2 and they’re waiting.)

I would agree with you if every single job interview I had ever been to hadn’t ended with one of the following two outcomes:

  1. I get the job, or
  2. complete, nerve-wracking radio silence.

I agree about the waiting game if you’re #2 ir three. But what got me is the her promise to call me both times, and NEVER doing it.

I traveled a total of 425 miles, interviewed 3 times but had to arrive there 5 times to get the process done, and nothing. This is very unprofessional and totally inconsiderate. Hopeful candidates who are called in the second round and where told the specifics about that particular store a full rundown on benefits, holidays etc, also put their immediate financial status on hiatus waiting for these calls.

I guess I am being a little over reactive to a certain degree, but no one likes a one way street. Employers forget that the employment contract is a business agreement with obligations to meet on both ends, when the employer fails to meet theirs before the gate even opens, well, you get the picture.

I try to make a point of saying, “if you DON’T hear from me by X date, assume you did not get the position.” This relieves me of the responsibility of having to call 25-30 people and tell them I chose someone else. I might screen that many candidates and I do not have the time to call that many people. Once in a while, someone will pin me down, “When are you going to call me?” I make damn sure if I promise someone that I will call… then I do.

As for being #2 and the waiting game, I’ve been both victim and beneficiary of that myself. In fact, the job I have right now (Communications Manager), I was the second choice. I was living in another state and did 2 phone interviews. The group made a decision to offer the position to someone else. After three weeks of nerve-wracking radio silence, I assumed I didn’t get the positoin. Next day, hiring manager calls to offer me the job. About a month after I took it and moved here, I ferreted out that the first choice guy wanted like $12K more annually than I was willing to work for. So they played negotiation with him until the offer fell apart, at which point they called me.

And I’ve been here ever since. Never made one single follow up phone call, thank you note nor e-mail. They hired me sight unseen, based on my resume and a couple phone calls. I’m not sure who is the bigger idiot: me or that hiring manager… I’ll get back to you on that!

Yeah it’s always “two more interviews” or some such bullshit. What the fuck? You’ve seen my mad props so what the fuck are you waiting for beeyatch?! To see if one of these other jerkoffs you’re interviewing might be a Harvard MBA with 10 years experience who’s so desperate to work that he’ll accept minimmum wage?
You know why they don’t call back? Cause THEY SUCK!

Check your mailbox. On my recent job search, the interviewers all said that they would call me, but the rejections all arrived several days later via US mail instead!

At least they let me know somehow, though. I think that they just don’t like calling with rejections. I’m sure it’s not fun. However, that’s no excuse, in my mind. Letting people know if they got the job or not is part of the job. If writing a letter is easier, well, so be it–but, perhaps you shouldn’t tell people to expect a phone call, then!

I love how people use downturns in the economy to squeeze out common courtesy…as if good will were a precious, limited resource that shouldn’t be squandered, especially on plebian job seekers!

I think when they say, “I’ll call you”, what they really mean is, “I’ll call you IF you get the job”. Also, they probably don’t want to call the 99 people that DIDN’T get the job for many reasons.

If they call …

  1. You figure there is at least a little interest since they did call you, so you continue to badger them about other openings.

  2. They have to listen to you sobbing on the phone while your children cry from hunger in the background.

  3. You tell them to fuck off because they are assholes for not hiring you, and slam the phone down in their ear.

  4. etc.

So they just avoid the whole issue buy not calling. I know, it’s rude as hell, and I don’t like it either. But it’s just the way it is.

Just think how much better off the world would be if there were no employers!

I don’t think anyone in this thread asserted that this world would be better off if there were no employers. I agree with a lot of your posts, Sam Stone. I just have no idea what you are saying with this one.

Here’s an idea. How about instead of being a pussy, sending an email or postcard saying “Thank You” or some such shit?

She said " I will call you one way or the other", and lets not forget I have been called by THEM to speak about a position 3 times. They already knew what they needed to know about me this last time around, there was no need to call me down to another interview an hour from home, to tell me about the store and its needs and the rate of pay and benefits unless they where going to make an offer. I already gave them hours of my time prior.

And I agree with msmith357, don’t be a pussy, send a card, letter, Email or something. And no, the world would not be better off without employers, but we would do better without assholes.

In other news, bear shits in woods.


There’s also TONS of discrimination issues to be addressed. If you have some kind of reject letter and every “i” isn’t dotted and every “t” isn’t crossed you may be able to sue them. No letter (and/or no contact), no lawsuit.

Bloody ironic, this.

Creative_Munster: Actually I was just joking. Attempting to inject a little levity. However, upon second reading, I have to admit that I committed the cardinal sin: It wasn’t very funny.

Nonsense! Sue them for what? A form letter that says “Thank you for your interest in Assmania, LLP. At this time we have filled the position of Associate Rectal-Monkey. Your resume will be kept on blah blah until blah blah blah blah.”
You know the real reason they don’t send anything? It’s to keep their options open. That way in six months if Dickhead Johnson doesn’t accept that job offer, they can still extend you one.

People who tell other people not to generalize are big jerks.